Saudi Requests A Doctor Or Psychologist To Prove His Daughter Can Marry A Non-Saudi And Be Happy


I welcome you to Islam! May Allah increase you in knowledge, faith, righteousness and worship ameen. Congratulations to you and your Saudi obtaining the approval of her father. Your future father-in-law’s request is just one more obstacle to tackle before you can start the marriage permission journey. I’m sorry to say that I am not a doctor. I can say with utmost optimism that any marriage can succeed no matter what nationality or culture as long as the couple work on it together and have the support of family and friends. I recommend that you contact Dr. Khaled Al-Batarfi and kindly ask if he is interested in writing a letter to your Saudi’s father. He has been addressing non-Saudi/Saudi marriages in his articles on Saudi Gazette and apparently familiar with the subject. He is available on Twitter Insha’Allah he will agree to assist you. I am publishing your email address in the event that he reads this post and decides to contact you: Best wishes!


Dear Tara,

Assalam alaikkum. First of all i would like to thank you for all your help and prayers.

I hope you remember me. I am Rehan who reverted to Islam.

That day I told you I am in love with a Saudi girl whose father is Saudi and mom from Syria.

My girl she spoke to her dad before I did. From that I understood that she loves. She told me even if my dad kills me its OK, but I will tell him about you.

Alhamdullilah her dad loves her so much he said OK I don’t have any problem she getting married to me. But he told that he wants a Dr. or Psychologists ​to say that we both will live happily and nothing bad will happen to us.

Can you suggest me some advice regarding this. You are a Dr. Can you send me an email or a formal letter that there wont be any problem in our life. I can give my girls number to you. If you want to speak to her and see her view point regarding this. She can speak good English.

Awaiting your reply.

Regards, REHAN

AWASSIR Reports More Increases In Numbers Of Abandoned Families Abroad

photocreditawasserI wonder if the increase in families has anything to do with Saudis fleeing from countries with conflicts like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan. I am not absolving anyone for leaving their family but will give a benefit of a doubt for the ones who never intended to. For example: they came back to Saudi Arabia for a visit or business, etc., and when they tried to return to their wife’s home country they couldn’t because of the conflict. Maybe they weren’t granted visas. Or maybe their families had to flee to another country and they can’t follow them there because of no visas or available jobs. Lastly, I feel like the numbers will keep increasing unless the Saudi government makes it easier for Saudis to get the marriage permission.


Number Of Saudis Stranded Abroad Rises In Three Months
Saudi Gazette | Riyadh
26 Aug 2014

There are 7,253 Saudis stranded in 31 countries abroad, according to the Charitable Society for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad (Awaser).

The society’s chairman Tawfiq Al-Suwailem told Al-Hayat newspaper on Sunday: “There were 1,968 Saudi families consisting of 7,035 individuals stranded abroad until last April.

However, their number has increased by 37 new families over the last three months to reach 2,005 families consisting of 7,253 people.”

Awaser takes care of families left behind by Saudi men by providing them with financial and moral support. It also helps to repatriate them.

Suwailem said Kuwait, with 763 families consisting of 2,341 members, is the country hosting the largest number of stranded Saudis.

Syria is second with 283 families consisting of 814 members and Egypt is third with 264 families consisting of 621 members.

He said other countries that host stranded Saudis include Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, Lebanon, Yemen, the UAE, Qatar, Philippines, Indonesia, the United States, India, Oman, Tunisia, Britain, Pakistan and Sudan. Suwailem warned against Saudis going abroad and getting married randomly.

“These outside marriages, whether regular or not, will disintegrate families and cause a lot of problems for both husbands and wives,” he said.

He said children born in these marriages will be lost if they are not given the nationalities of their fathers. “They will also find it difficult to pay for their living, education, health care and others,” he added

Suwailem noted many foreign women married to Saudis would turn their backs on their husbands once they are given Saudi nationality.

He said the society is coordinating with the ministries of interior, foreign affairs and social affairs to curb the phenomenon of Saudis getting married abroad.

Reply To Nahja

whatdoyouwanttoknowWa alaikum as-salam, Nahja. The only way to know if you will get the marriage permission is for your Saudi to apply for it. FHWS is not a representative of the emarah or Ministry of Interior so I can’t tell you if you will be approved or not. I sincerely hope you get the approval insha’Allah. I would use all options at my disposal and if your Saudi find that he needs a wasta or to approach a certain prince, so be it. The Saudi government recognizes Islamic marriages when they have been conducted AFTER the marriage permission has been approved. I have never known it to be the other way around. Even I had to get married a second time. I don’t know what you mean by “moving out”. Please review the post, Do It Right.


Your name, nickname or anonymous: Nahja

Type or copy/paste your submission here: Hi Tara! Ah salamalaykum!I am a non-Saudi but not a Westener and been searching all internet engines for clearance on how we can obtained permission from the Saudi government because my Saudi boyfriend and I were planning to get it and stay together. I am a nurse here in Saudi Arabia. Is there a chance that we can get the permission or we also need to talk to a certain prince or any wasta to do it for us. If we will get married in Islam would it also be accepted in Saudi Arabia if we plan of moving out or go to malls? Thank you.


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