Shoura To Discuss Children Of Non-Saudi Moms

Wednesday, 25 June 2008
By Diana Al-Jassem

Saudi children born to non-Saudi mothers abroad are facing an “identity crisis,” as they are unable to obtain the required documents to ensure their eligibility for Saudi nationality.The Shoura Council is set to discuss this issue in the coming weeks.

“We are willing to issue Saudi nationality to children of non-Saudi mothers,” said Sadakah Fadel, a member of the Shoura Council.

Non-Saudi women married to Saudi men and have a child are also eligible to receive a residence visa, he added.Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs are working jointly with National Human Rights Commission in the Kingdom to find an acceptable solution to this problem.

“We receive many complaints from Saudi families abroad; but most of them need more time in order to formulate documents and other official papers,” said Mufleh Al-Kahtani, a senior National Human Rights Commission official.

Some families have their official papers but are clueless about their rights and procedures. “Many people who come to us are not aware about the procedure to be followed and which department is to be approached. Although they have all their official papers, they are confused,” Al-Kahtani said.



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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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