Marrying A Non-Saudi Whilst Abroad

Are you a Saudi thinking about marrying a non-Saudi while you are abroad? You should know the following…

Item (G) of Article (First) of the council of ministers’ decision number 824 dated 10-11/7/1393 AH (9-10 August, 1973 AD) stated that anyone sent abroad cannot marry a non-Saudi, irregardless if s/he was an employee, a student with government scholarship or paying from his/her own pocket. If such thing occurred, the following will take place:

1) She/he will be fired from their job/delegation.
2) The marriage will be rejected and won’t be officially documented with authorities.
3) The non-Saudi wife/husband will not be permitted to enter the country. If she/he was a resident of the country, their residency will be terminated immediately.

Source Instants Of Insanity
Original source can not be found Ministry Of Higher Education



Published by

Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

One thought on “Marrying A Non-Saudi Whilst Abroad”

  1. >astaghferullah, u know if something like adultery or premarital sex happened between non-saudi women and saudi men, the saudi government will have the responsibilty to give their answers to Allah on the judgment day. SERVE U RIGHT!!!! Allah make all of us to be equal and making halal matters like marriage complicated will cause sins!!!!!!


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