Morocco Regulates Marriages Between Moroccan Women And Saudi Men

Good News To Saudi Wives
By Nabilah Mahjoub, Al-Madinah

Some men believe that it is their right to lie and deceive when they intend to get married. They do everything that is against religion just to achieve their objective, even if this includes cheating, lying and depriving others of their rights.

There is good news for worried and terrified women who fear their husbands may be visiting Morocco in the near future. From now on, you can rest in peace and relax even if your husband decides to go for an extremely long trip to Morocco. However, the same is not true if he decides to go somewhere apart from Morocco.

The issue of men taking second wives is worrying not only when they decide to travel abroad but also inside the Kingdom. Marriage is something that is promoted nowadays especially by imams and marriage officials, who are doing a great job in marrying off both old and young married men.

I received an e-mail about a news item published in Al-Jazirah newspaper detailing that the Interior Ministry had issued a memo about the regulations that the Moroccan authorities have put in place for Saudi citizens interested in marrying Moroccan women and the documents that they need to process the marriage.

The memo mentioned that married men are required to obtain a written consent from their first wives besides a court approval. The memo said that the wife’s consent was very important. Now, husbands cannot deceive their wives. Unless a wife approves her husband’s marriage, there is no chance of him ever getting married in Morocco. Many countries are working toward helping their citizens by putting in place a set of rules and conditions that govern marital relationships and protect the rights of women married to foreigners.

This means that these governments are granting their citizens the freedom to make their own choices together with certain laws that protect them. Morocco, after experiencing many problems with its citizens marrying foreigners, has taken certain precautions to prevent future complications.

We have to admit that the stability of many families has been shaken because of these types of marriages. Many men mistakenly believe that they have the right to lie and cheat because they feel they are doing something permitted.

Our society needs solutions to protect it from the abundance of such marriages that are invading us from every corner of the world. They have done nothing but increased the number of divorces and single women in the Kingdom. In order to provide protection to families, women and children, we are desperately in need of regulating the ungoverned licenses in the hands of husbands, who do not take into consideration their wives’ feelings or circumstances.



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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

4 thoughts on “Morocco Regulates Marriages Between Moroccan Women And Saudi Men”

  1. >Desertmoon,I think this law is particular to those Saudi men wanting to marry Moroccan women. Morocco has other laws regulating its citizens’ marriages to non-Moroccans. I should know, I used to be married to a Moroccan.


  2. >How about those Saudis who go to Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, to name just a few, for sex w/o marriage?The Saudi society has huge problems and they can't be addressed by other countries putting laws in place so that Saudis women will feel safe. It takes a social revolution inside the KSA to change this kind of behavior. It also takes accountability for the country's resources so thieves aren't allowed to have their way at ruining other people's (mostly young sunnis) lives. And accountability should start at the very top.


  3. >Then that means those countries you listed would have to put restrictions on Saudis coming into their country on tourist visas. I don't think that is going to happen as their economies depend on tourism to stay afloat. I agree that accountability starts at the top and with that should come responsibility which includes fear of Allah in all aspects of life and dealing with other people.


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