Saudi Arabia Studies Conditions Of Saudi Children Abroad

Charity Wants 1000 Saudi Children Abroad, Back Home
By Nawaf Aafat
20 December 2008
Saudi Gazette

RIYADH – The Saudi Charitable Society Caring for Saudi Families Abroad (Awassir) is studying the condition of 1,000 Saudi children abroad in 15 Asian and African countries.

Abdullah Al-Hamoud, chairman of the society said the study would disclose many matters concerning the life and upbringing of these children and how they came to be in these countries in addition to the efforts being made to bring them back to the Kingdom. He said there are efforts being made by the Shoura Council and some institutions but the problem is ongoing.

He said a study is being conducted to figure out the social transformation and changes experienced by the 80 Saudi families returned to the Kingdom.

He pointed out that the study mainly focuses on how these families have adjusted themselves to the Saudi environment since they have come from different cultures and faced many legal and psychological problems outside their country.

Al-Hamoud said the society formed a delegation which traveled to Lebanon to study 10 families living there and is making preparations to bring them back to Saudi Arabia.

A similar delegation will be traveling to India and Yemen to ascertain the situation of Saudi families living there.

Al-Hamoud said the financial allocation the Ministry of Social Affairs has allotted to the society is insufficient for resettling Saudi families living abroad.

– Okaz/SG

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