Non-Saudi Wife Arrested For DWF, Only In Saudi Arabia

Driver Charged With DWF: Driving While Female
Arab News, Taif
22 August 2006

Police in Taif caught a woman violating the law by being behind the steering wheel of a moving car, the Al-Jazirah newspaper reported yesterday.

The woman, an Arab foreigner married to a Saudi man, was immediately arrested. The husband was called to the police station to pick up his spouse.

The cops instructed the husband to make sure his wife does not repeat such a terrible crime as driving a car, which, according to the defenders of the law can lead to immoral behavior.

Considering how many men drive in Saudi Arabia (and the lax enforcement of speed limits and other basic driving rules) apparently it’s not quite as immoral to endanger the lives of selves and others by speeding, changing lanes erratically without signaling and disregarding traffic signs.

But a woman behind the wheel? For shame!



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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

7 thoughts on “Non-Saudi Wife Arrested For DWF, Only In Saudi Arabia”

  1. >As a woman who drove in the states for over forty years before moving to this enlightened country, I can certainly vouch for the logic of their argument – EVERY TIME I was behind the wheel I either behaved immorally or was tempted to behave immorally!!! What a bunch of rubbish!!! So does this mean that behaving immorally when driving doesn’t happen to men, only women? Sometimes I just can’t even believe I am here amidst this BS!


  2. >I am glad they let us drive here in the UAE. Though some local families still don’t let their unmarried daughters drive.I just don’t get it… so a woman driving around all day with a young male driver is at less risk for “immoral behavior” than one driving by herself?


  3. >Susie,Lol I found humor in your sarcasm. The mens’ immoral behavior behind the wheels has certainly changed my desire for wanting to drive here. Unless they make separate roads for men and women, I’m not interested in sharing a road with them.


  4. >Desertmonsoon,Your guess is as good as mine. Apparently, the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) advice that shaytan is the third when a non-related man and woman are alone, doesn’t seem to bother them when it comes to this issue. But isn’t it hypocritical when the mutawwa are always out searching for non-related men and women who are seen alone outside of a car?Shaking my head.


  5. >We muslim always make such issues which r actually worth for none.Women is made for love not for tough works.Its this world which makes us compel to put women on work.Actually women should do very light works.Driving car is not suitable for women.It has many problems involved.Actually good transport should be made many places in kingdom there is a lot of problem regarding transport…


  6. >Mueen,I beg to differ. Women have demonstrated a competence to drive in all countries the world over, except Saudi Arabia of course. I am one of many examples, having driven since I was 16 years old. There is nothing difficult about grasping a steering wheel and driving, a woman does not have to be as strong as a man to maneuver. I have seen women driving huge buses and 16 wheeler trucks.Women in Saudi Arabia have not been allowed to prove themselves yet in any form of transport except a plane. There is a famous Saudi female pilot…if she can fly a plane then she and her compatriots can drive a car!It’s not about suitability, its about the mentality. Its the way people conduct themselves on the roads and while in their cars whether male or female. I think the Saudi women who are allowed to drive in the desert have paved the way for men changing their minds about their capability of driving cars/trucks in this regard.


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