Moroccan Woman Divorced By Saudi Husband Without Her Knowledge

*&^#(@#! (Excuuuuuuuuuse my french ya’ll). This story actually happened December 5, 2008 according to Reuters.


Saudi Gazette
24 February 2009

Morocco’s Rajaa Houlla, 29, reacts after discovering that she had been divorced by her Saudi husband. She only learnt of the divorce only when police came to her house to deport her in Jeddah on Friday. The government has recently announced measures to ease marriage between Saudis and non-Saudis, but social customs backed by religious authorities still present obstacles to Saudis marrying foreigners. The Shoura (Consultative) Council has also recently formed a committee to study the issue of children born of non-Saudi wives and abandoned by their Saudi fathers – Reuters

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

10 thoughts on “Moroccan Woman Divorced By Saudi Husband Without Her Knowledge”

  1. >Unfortunately this is how the system is set up in Saudi Arabia with men having way too much power when it comes to situations like this. Ok fine, Saudi men do have a right Islamically to divorce their wives but without their knowledge is taking things a bit too far. Where is the justice in that?I’m sorry this makes you dislike Saudis. There are good Saudi men, you just don’t hear too much about them in the news.


  2. >Susie,No I don’t but I was planning to see if I could find more to the story later on insha’Allah. I really hope there are no children involved because that would obviously make it worse than it already is.


  3. >It happens allover the world that divorce occurs but bad thing is that expats having no fear of Allah they r selling their girls.It is not nikah even if we call it.Also divorcing one wife for another is not justified. Also I have myself been through it that most girls choose bad guys for marriage.I swear many times the crazy girls disliked me only because i am totall islamic boy. The girls want one who is dirty,bad but rich drinks sometimes etc etc who will totally spoil them etc etc….it is my experience few r who think. A friend of mine says that on the tough situations and important situations the mind of all women fails…. that all….i think….we should blame to some extent to women+money they r responsible…..


  4. >umm ismail: r we crazy.We first choose those boys who r bad boys.They r clean shaved or french cute.They smoke ,drink.They r gamblers.We choose them them for marriage.After that we search sunnah from them where will it come……………………..The fact is that we should change our choice for future otherwise we should be prepared for it that our girls,sisters /daughters will face worst situations…………. funny comment:where is sunnah?


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