I Do This Blog Because I Care

After posting the article, “Abu Ibrahim’s Statistical Data & Perceptions Of Marriages Between Saudis And Non-Saudis” on a Yahoogroup, I think I may have rubbed someone the wrong way. While the person understood my interest in the subject of Non-Saudi/Saudi marriages, they wanted to know how it benefited anyone and what good it was in the end. They also thought that I could have spent my time better on something else.

I’m a sensitive person but I didn’t get offended as usual alhamdulillah. This is how I replied to the person…

It [the posting above] is for whoever can derive any benefit from it. As long as my intention behind it is feesabillah (for the sake of Allah) and with ikhlas (sincerity), its worth MY time. I think any non-Saudi considering marrying a Saudi deserves to know this kind of information as well as other information I compile on my blog. This post is just one part of it. Does the Saudi government take the time to educate these people about the good and bad aspects of this type of marriage? I have found little evidence of it. If they raised as much awareness about it as me or American Bedu, I think non-Saudis would make more informed decisions on whether to marry a Saudi or not.

I felt the need to defend my cause, my platform that I’m so passionate about. The first cause being Islam, which Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis must always take a back seat for. However I maintain this blog with Islam always in the forefront of my mind.

I try to seek the middle ground and have a moderate approach, balancing between the good and bad. Those wanting to marry non-Saudis should be forewarned of the bad things that can and do happen in marriages to Saudis. On the other hand, there are good things that happen and successful marriages!

The other reason I do this is because I care.

I’d like to know what you think about this blog. Do you think its beneficial? Or do you think its a waste of time?



Published by

Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

11 thoughts on “I Do This Blog Because I Care”

  1. >I think this blog serves as an excellent resource for people interested in the realities of non-Saudi/Saudi marriages and how to contract them.Your theme is very specific, and it seems you use this more as a reference blog ie a place to find information, rather than a chat/debate/discussion blog. To me, it has value as what it purports to be–in other words you do a good job of fulfilling your stated goal. In my limited experience of the blogosphere, all blogs seem to attract people who are unhappy with the blogsite or blogger yet can’t seem to do the normal thing and just go elsewhere. They feel compelled to express their discontent in sometimes rude and offensive ways, and some go to rather great lengths to critique a blogger on elsewhere on their own site. Good for you, for your intelligent reply. Keep up the good work, and let the people who are unhappy go elsewhere or at least not waste their time leaving negative useless comments on a yahoogroup! 🙂


  2. >PS Because your posts are most often informational and thorough, I often read and enjoy without commenting.I thought the Abu Ibrahim post was a good combination of a social science approach and a personal reflection from someone knowledgeable.


  3. >Chiara, Thank you, that meant a lot to me. So far that Yahoogroup opinion has been the only negative response I’ve ever received about this blog masha’Allah. I do welcome constructive criticism that is respectful so that I can know what to improve on.


  4. >As you say, your posts allow us to get the information needed in order to make a decision. It is very important to be aware of the good and the bad aspects of a non-saudi and saudi marriage for someona that might be considering that.So,if the decision is finally made, one has taked into account all the possible facts to face before, during and after the marriage ends if its the case.I found your blog while looking for that information and it is very complete, moderate, respectful and prudent, and at the same time points out all the pros and cons, avoiding to hurt anyone but to evidence an unfair situation.Not everybody may understand that is really positive!!!


  5. >I think you are providing a service with important information for persons (especially women) who are finding themselves involved with Saudis. It’s hard to find accurate information about marriage to a Saudi because this society is so secretive. I enjoy your blog, Tara, and I am always learning things when I read it. Thanks!


  6. >In my experience you have been an excellent blog mistress in terms of responding to suggestions.Let the yahoo be the exception to the rule of appreciation for your posts! 🙂


  7. >Tara,Your blog is indeed an excellent resource and contains such a font of information. I also commend on how you stick to the primary topic and focus of your blog and do not allow yourself to get sidetracked. This further sets your blog apart as one of the best resources available for information on marriage and relationships with a Saudi.All the best to you,Carol (American bedu)


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