Gulf Wives

It is my pleasure to present Umm Riyam’s forum for…Gulf Wives! May Allah make it a success ameen.


How and why did you create the Gulf Wives Forum? I created it because I think it’s important for foreign wives of gulf Arabs to meet other women in similar situations. I thought about making it only for women married to Saudis, but I decided it would be better to open it up to the whole Gulf. I don’t know if women married to men from other gulf countries have their own yahoo groups and ways of connecting. There are a couple of yahoo groups for women married to Saudis, but I find it hard at times to keep up with emails. I guess I’m just a forum junkie. I love internet forums, and so I decided to create one.

Who can be a member? The forum is for women only. The ideal member is someone who is married to, engaged to, divorced from, or widowed to a gulf Arab. Although, any women who are interested may join.

What benefits do you expect members to get out of the group? Connecting socially with other women, getting support and understanding when needed, learning more about the Gulf Arab culture, help with the legal processes (or at least where to start or look for help), help and support in making the big move to the Gulf.

Do you or your members find support here that is lacking elsewhere due to everyone being married to a Saudi man? I am sure other groups can offer the same support, but this group is in a different format being a forum rather than a yahoo group. The thing I like most about forums is that posts don’t get deleted or disappear, so they can always be referred back to.

What are your hopes for the group in the future? Right now, we’re new, so I hope more women will join us. I hope to post more information about the Gulf. I have sections for the marriage and visa laws, so I hope to fill those with more information. I hope we can be there to support women when they need it.

Is there anything else you would like others to know about the group? Gulf Wives is not a religious forum. Of course, most of the members will be Muslims, but we do not have Islamic sections. There are many other forums for learning about Islam. I wanted to keep the focus of this forum on the Gulf and life in the Gulf.

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

One thought on “Gulf Wives”

  1. >[I remember those who have forgotten me]………Court orders Saudi man to recognize his daughterArab News JEDDAH: A Jeddah court has ruled in favor of a Somali woman who complained that the father of her girl, a Saudi, was refusing to recognize the child as his. According to court documents, a judge ruled on Wednesday that there was sufficient evidence to prove the man was the biological father of the child. The names of the litigants in the case were not disclosed. The Somali woman said the marriage took place about a year before the child was born. Permission from the Interior Ministry for the Saudi man to marry the foreign woman, however, took several months.The mother submitted the official government marriage contract obtained a month before the child was born. The woman presented witnesses to corroborate the claim. The court documents show that the judge ruled in favor of the woman and ordered the man to place the child on his family ID card. His wages are also being garnished to pay alimony to the woman for raising the child. Children of foreign women who marry Saudi men must be listed on the father’s family ID card to be eligible for social entitlements, such as access to public hospital care. Children not listed on family ID cards also cannot enroll in school.


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