Saudi Wives

A short and sweet description of the Saud Wives Yahoo Group created by Umm Omar. And no, SHE is not ME!


How and why did you create the Saudi Wives Yahoo Group? To keep up with my friends in Jeddah (originally) and to provide a catch-all group for girlfriends with the commonality of being married to Saudis (see Group description on its homepage)—-> This Group is for Western women married to Saudis. We can compare and complain, prepare and praise, put out news and find new friends and old.

Who can be a member?
Anyone currently or formerly married to a Saudi and maybe a woman who is engaged to a Saudi. (There is a member or two who are grandfathered in who are not/were not married to Saudis but who live/d in Jeddah for some time.

What benefits do you expect members to get out of the group? Learn about life in Saudi, help each other out on all levels, and to talk about girlfriend-y things.

Do you or your members find support here that is lacking elsewhere due to everyone being married to a Saudi man? I would hope so! We are realistic and pragmatic to boot.

What are your hopes for the group in the future? To continue more or less as it is. And to open women’s eyes to how life really is in Saudi for those who are considering marrying a Saudi and/or moving to KSA.

Is there anything else you would like others to know about the group?
That we are there to support and advise each other and to keep each others’ confidences.


Published by

Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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