35 Stranded Saudi Families Repatriated To Kingdom

35 Stranded Saudi Families Repatriated To Kingdom
Muhammad Humaidan
Arab News | JEDDAH
26 April 2009

The Welfare Society for the Sponsoring of Saudi Families Stranded Abroad (AWASSER) has repatriated to the Kingdom 35 Saudi families who were living in difficult conditions abroad, said Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Hamoud, chairman of AWASSER’s board of directors.

“We have also secured more than 100 jobs in private companies for the sons and daughters of Saudi families abroad in the countries of their current abode,” he said.

Al-Hamoud said AWASSER was sponsoring more than 1,000 Saudi families stranded abroad. These include 220 families in Egypt, 85 in Morocco, 60 in Jordan, 68 in Bahrain and 200 in Syria, and numerous others in Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Belgium and Sweden.

“We are now working to know the number of Saudi families who are eligible for our services in Yemen and India,” he added.

He explained that AWASSER was focusing on helping the children of foreign mothers and Saudi men, who could not return to the Kingdom because they had died or for any other reason. He said help is extended even if such people do not have Saudi identification documents.

“All we require is evidence that these children are the result of marriages between Saudi men and foreign women. We will then help them in obtaining Saudi nationality and provide them with economic, social and educational help on their return,” he added.

Al-Hamoud pointed out that AWASSER had signed cooperation agreements with a number of local organizations and was able to secure social insurance for Saudi families stranded abroad or who could not return for various reasons.

“We have reached agreements with a number of commercial centers in Egypt to provide services to Saudi families through special prepaid purchase coupons,” he said.

A nongovernmental organization, AWASSER did face some problems outside but was able to overcome them through the help of Saudi diplomatic missions. “We have representatives in a number of Saudi embassies to assess the needs of Saudi families living abroad,” he said.

Tie-up with IIROSA

The International Islamic Relief Organization in Saudi Arabia (IIROSA) will provide a wide range of services to needy Saudi families living outside the Kingdom including, inter alia, sponsorship of orphans, university scholarships, medication, and development of skills to prepare them for the job market. The IIROSA signed an agreement to this effect yesterday with AWASSER.

The agreement was signed by Adnan Khalil Basha, secretary-general of IIROSA, and Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Hamoud, chairman of the board of directors of AWASSER.

Under the five-year agreement, IIROSA, through its external offices and within its available potential, will assess the needs and requirements of Saudi families living in difficult situations outside the Kingdom with a view to extending all possible support to them.

The organization will also help qualify these people for the local labor market in case they decide to return to the Kingdom.

According to the agreement, the two organizations will cooperate in organizing workshops and training for their staff and will exchange data in all fields of common interest.

Basha expressed his happiness over the signing of the agreement and praised the efforts of AWASSER in trying to resolve the problems faced by Saudi families stranded abroad and in bringing them back home.

The IIROSA chief said the two organizations would soon constitute a joint committee to monitor the implementation of the agreement.



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