Foreign Woman Locked Up By Saudi Misyar Husband

Poor thing.


Police Free Woman Locked Up By Husband For Three Years
Arab News | Jeddah

Police rescued a woman from false imprisonment who they say has been locked by her husband in an abandoned house for three years, the daily Al-Watan reported yesterday.

The woman was found with an eight-month-old child. Police were tipped off by a passerby who heard the woman screaming for help inside the house.

The woman was identified only as a foreign legal resident. She reportedly told her rescuers that she has been married under a no-obligation marriage (misyar) to the son of her sponsor.

Jeddah police told the daily the man was arrested. The name of the culprit was not disclosed. The case has been transferred for further investigation.

The woman was taken to Jeddah’s King Fahd Hospital where she was examined. The report said the woman had signs of physical abuse.

Omar Al-Khuli, an official at an unnamed family shelter, said the woman must prove her relationship to the man.

For the child to be considered a Saudi citizen (eligible for social benefits and education), the woman must now file a lawsuit to get the man who allegedly imprisoned her to place the child on his family ID card.

Doing so would also allow the man to claim custody of the child. The woman can be deported when her iqama expires.

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7 thoughts on “Foreign Woman Locked Up By Saudi Misyar Husband”

  1. >the good thing is that it is made public! so it appears people are not being made aware of such issues, and can now start to focus on laws that are unfair. i hope this woman and her child remain together and can have a better future


  2. >BismillaahAssalaamu Alaikum!Ugh! May Allah rectify all her affairs immediately. Sub'han Allaah! Allaah, never gives us more then we can handle maa'sha Allaah. May Allah expiate all her sins, guide her, love her and rectify all her affairs immediately.I wander what was going on between them that he resorted to such a horrendous treatment..Only they and Allaah knows. I hope she will make the right choices to make her and her child safe and happy, in'shaa Allaah. May Allah destine they very best for them in this life and in the next. May Allah guide the husband, rectify his affairs and make him of the repentant immediately.What a horror story…


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