What’s New At FHWS?!

Dear readers,

You may or may not have noticed the blog quietly undergoing reconstruction. Below are the following changes and additions…

1. Words and pictures: Since Future Husbands And Wives Of Saudis is such a long name, we have adopted a new acronym for it which is FHWS.

1. Words and pictures: Since Future Husbands And Wives Of Saudis is such a long name, we have adopted a new acronym for it which is FHWS.

2. Tara has copyrighted FHWS through Creative Commons. Future Husbands And Wives Of Saudis by Tara Umm Omar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at taraummomar.blogspot.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://taraummomar.blogspot.com. I’ll be working on a copyright post to list the permissions. Of course, the usual referencing to, and linking of posts applies to all posts.

3. Submitting stories to Tara for FHWS: Are you a non-Saudi who married a Saudi? Divorced from a Saudi or widow(er) of a Saudi? Going through the marriage permission process? A non-Saudi engaged to a Saudi? Or just thinking about marrying a Saudi? Are you a bi-cultural or multi-cultural Saudi? Please share your story! You could help someone in the same situation find solutions to their problems or get support, feedback and questions answered from other readers on your situation. Confidentiality is guaranteed and you can be anonymous or use a nickname/blogonym. Contact emailfhws at gmail dot com for details on how to submit your story to appear on the FHWS blog. Thanks!

4. Your thoughts: Displays the summaries of the recent comments of readers including the date and title of the post commented on. The link is supposed to direct you to the specific comment but due to a glitch in the widget, it leads to the top of the post instea

d. If any one knows how to solve this problem or can suggest a better widget, please comment below.

5. Commenting. The submit comment form was changed to open up onto a separate page, thus exorcising the troublesome comment jinn. We are happy to report there have been no more complaints since then alhamdulillah.

6. FHWS Guestbook: Its always good to know what others think of FHWS. We welcome your views on what you like/dislike, recommendations on how we can improve the blog, and suggestions for future posts. This feature is not to be used for opinions on published posts, Readers should utilize the comment section embedded underneath each post for that.

7. Search by keyword: Type in a word or two to pull up all relevant posts.

8. Search by category: A more defined way to search FHWS with all posts lumped into a single category as follows…

* Abandonment (22)
* Abuse (13)
* Bi/X-Cultural Marriage/Family (172)
* Citizenship/Nationality (65)
* Countries: USA/Other (62)
* Courting/Dating/Engaged (15)
* FHWS: TaraUmmOmar/Chiara (23)
* Iqama/Visa/Kafeel (31)
* Marriage Permission/Certificate (78)
* Misyar/Muta’a/Polygamy (14)
* Personal Stories (48)
* Religion: Islam/Interfaith (26)
* Saudi: Culture/Govt/Laws (149)
* Single/Divorced/Widowed (60)
* Students (11)

9. Other Blogs: A collection of relevant interesting blogs. Readers can see the selected blogger’s blog header, the current post title (and a thumbnail image if available) and the date of the post.

10. Special thanks to Amira Al-Hussaini for alerting others to the above changes on FHWS at Global Voices Online in a short article titled Saudi Arabia: The Future Husbands And Wives Of Saudis Revamped  and which also appeared on Regator .



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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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