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Future Husbands And Wives Of Saudis (FHWS) is owned by Tara Umm Omar. I am an American married to a Saudi. My degree in Anthropology and firsthand experience as a non-Saudi married to a Saudi and living in Saudi Arabia will insha’Allah benefit FHWS and its mission. The main theme of this blog is to help you make an informed decision about marrying a Saudi and guidance on the Saudi marriage permission approval process. It is more of a reference blog rather than an opinion blog.

The initial intent of this blog was to act as a reference source, providing current/past information by citing numerous government laws, news articles and personal stories/interviews. I regularly collect references from different sources conveniently into one place (the FHWS blog) for those embarking upon the Saudi/non-Saudi marriage. Almost eight years ago through personal experience, I witnessed how hard it was to search on this particular subject with most of the information being negative. On FHWS, I endeavor to present both the good and bad aspects of Saudi/non-Saudi marriages and residing in Saudi Arabia.

The theme of FHWS has gone beyond just being a reference blog to giving advice based on my own personal testimonials and that of others both Saudi and non-Saudi. The welcoming and sincere atmosphere that I have created is conducive to discussing the trials and tribulations endured undertaking the marriage permission process. It is an encouragement to those brave enough to beat the odds bi’idhnillah, a forewarning to the unaware to avoid/prevent the pitfalls related to Saudi/non-Saudi marriages (insha’Allah) and as a platform to speak out gently and peacefully against the stringent Saudi/non-Saudi marriage laws.

As a result, FHWS serves as a support network for those non-Saudis and Saudis who are experiencing hardship during the marriage permission approval process and those who have received approval but are still encountering bureaucratic problems due to red tape.


Please feel free to comment ethically on posts. Please be warned that if I deem your comments to be unsuitable, I will D E L E T E them. There is no limit on the length of a comment, write as much as you wish. If you select the anonymous option, you MUST use the Name/URL option to enter a (first) name or nickname and become semi-anonymous to help distinguish your comment from other readers’ comments. Entering a URL address is optional. If I receive an anonymous comment with no name, it will NOT be approved. Saudi bashing is strongly discouraged and won’t be tolerated.

Submitting Your Personal Story

Are you a non-Saudi who married a Saudi? Divorced from a Saudi or widow(er) of a Saudi? Going through the marriage permission process? A non-Saudi engaged to a Saudi? Or just thinking about marrying a Saudi? Are you a bi-cultural or multi-cultural Saudi? Please share your story! You could help someone in the same situation find solutions to their problems or get support, feedback and questions answered from other readers on your situation. Confidentiality is guaranteed and you can be anonymous or use a first name or nickname. You may write your own story and send it to emailfhws at gmail dot com. However if you are uncertain how to develop your personal story, you can contact emailfhws at gmail dot com for details on how to submit your story to appear on the FHWS blog.

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

11 thoughts on “About This Blog: FHWS”

  1. >actually this is not related to marriage but I want to study in Umm Al-Qura and the red tape is ridiculous. Do you have any information about Americans trying to study in Saudi when they are not married to a Saudi?


  2. >Tuttie- I have asked my friend who teaches at Umm Al-Qura. Insha'Allah will let you know what she says. Susanne- Thank you for your concern. As you can see, Chiara is no longer associated with FHWS.


  3. >Tara, I am so happy to see your blog back on its original focus and intent since you fill that much needed gap in the aspect of Saudi bi-cultural marriages. And I am aware that Imam Mohammed ibn Saud University in Riyadh does have Quran and Arabic programs for non-Saudi nationals, both male and female.Wishing you all the continued success with your blog!Carol


  4. >American Bedu- Thank you very much for the encouragement and information on Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University. Tuttie- This article is a little outdated but perhaps you will find some benefit from it insha'Allah…Saudi-American University in the Offing, Says Envoyhttp://www.arabnews.com/?page=1&section=0&article=60306&d=12&m=3&y=2005The blog Saudi Universities for Seekers of Islamic Knowledge has a great collection of information on universities in KSA masha'Allah…http://saudiuniversities.wordpress.com/category/umm-al-qura-university-makkah/http://saudiuniversities.wordpress.com/category/al-imam-muhammad-ibn-saud-islamic-university-riyadh/


  5. >I used to work with the human rights association in Saudi Arabia, and I have encounters many of these case, and It is a serious problem. The government argument is that allowing Saudi citizens to marry foreigners will open the door for heavy Immigration wave, which may represent a geopolitical threat, change the society and consume national resource. Moreover, these arguments in whole reflecting the strong Saudi public policy against immigration in general, not only on Saudi Arabia but in the GCC area as well.


  6. >Anonymous- I am currently writing an article on Saudi culture, this would fit in perfectly with it. May I have permission to quote you please? If so, what assumed name would you like me to use?


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