Committee Checks On Children Born To Saudi/Non-Saudi Parents In 10 Countries

By Muhammad Al-Hattar
Saudi Gazette | JEDDAH/RABAT
8 January 2010

The Society for the Care of Saudi Families Abroad will send a delegation to 10 countries in the middle of February to check on the welfare of children born from the union of Saudi men and foreign women.

Dr. Tawfiq Al-Suwailim, Chairman of the Society for the Care of Saudi Families Abroad, said a committee from the organization would undertake the visits abroad.

He said the team would determine the number of Saudis, register them at the Kingdom’s embassies, check on their condition and try to help them overcome any difficulties.

Al-Suwailim said the countries the committee will visit include Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

He added that another committee has been formed, consisting of a number of sociology researchers, to study the negative aspects and risks attached to Saudi men marrying foreign women abroad.

He called on Saudi nationals who have married abroad to make sure that their families are cared for. If Saudi men cooperated with the Ministry of Interior then any situation can be rectified, he said.

He said there was no accurate statistics showing the actual number of children from Saudi fathers and foreign mothers. In some countries the statistics are relatively up to date. In Morocco, for instance, there are 250 Saudi families.

Of this total there are 40 cases which are pending at the courts as a result of legal disputes, according to Dr. Muhammad Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Bishr, the Kingdom’s ambassador to Morocco.  The Moroccan government is now trying to determine whether 100 of the people involved in these cases want Saudi or Moroccan citizenship.

Al-Bishr conceded that there were a number of Saudi children in Morocco without any form of income. However, he added that this was a problem in other countries too. He said it appeared that the problem was less severe in Morocco. He said he did not want to apportion blame for any disputes between Saudi men and Moroccan women. It was more appropriate for them to find a suitable solution.

Asked about his view on Saudis marrying abroad, Al-Bishr said he hoped men would marry from their own country. This did not only apply to Morocco but to all other countries, because a man marrying in his own country would find similarities in customs and traditions. If this was not possible, he said he believed that the way was open for men and women to marry in any place because success is granted only by Allah. He said children can choose between Saudi and Moroccan nationalities.

He said a law has been issued recently stipulating that whoever is born in Morocco from a Moroccan mother has the right to get Moroccan citizenship. The matter is easy in that country, he said.

Al-Bishr said that Saudi law does not allow for anyone to hold dual citizenship. If a person takes Moroccan citizenship, then he or she loses their chance for Saudi citizenship.

“If he wants Saudi nationality then he is welcome. He is our son and we welcome him,” said Al-Bishr.
He said that the Saudi government does not provide any financial aid to the children of Saudi men, who are still in Morocco.

– Okaz/SG

Photo Credit: Shazron



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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

7 thoughts on “Committee Checks On Children Born To Saudi/Non-Saudi Parents In 10 Countries”

  1. >Of course they never considered those Saudi women married to foreigners and living abroad. I think the very admition that such a thing happens would make them cringe. I know of at least three Saudi women personally married to Westerners and between us we have 12 kids abroad. I guess we dont matter. Business as usual.


  2. >Abu Sinan- I think they are referring to the children of Saudis who have been abandoned or divorced and not taken care of by their Saudi fathers. But it would be interesting to know whether that includes any Saudi women living abroad with their children from non-Saudi fathers that are in the same situation. Then again they probably don't count since the children from Saudi mothers and non-Saudi fathers do not get Saudi citizenship. Which would then not make them eligible for help from the Society For The Care Of Saudi Families Abroad?Faraz- I corrected the date, jazak'Allahu khair.


  3. >Abu sinan why would you expect another country to take care of your children??They're yours, not the governments, you complain against Saudis but would gladly take their money??Sameerah


  4. >@Tara, In our case that would apply. My wife's two oldest kids are from her first marriage to a Saudi who hasnt supported them their entire lives. She did it the first 11 years and now they left it to a Western convert. @Sameerah, As two of the children I support are NOT mine, rather their father is a delinquint Saudi citizen who refuses to support them this IS their issue! I dont want the Saudi government's money, I want them to provide an easily accessabile and enforceable way to get Saudi men to pay for and other wise support their own children. We have never gotten anything from the Saudi government, not a penny, well I guess we HAVE gotten a lot of heartache due to the nonsense, non Islamic hoops they make their citizens jump through. So as it stands I take care of both of my boys and two children belonging to someone else. Alhamdulillah, it is a chance for ajr from God, but that doesnt take away the responsibility of their biological father, nor the government of Saudi Arabia to see that he keeps up with this responsibility. Do you have an issue with fathers supporting their own children Sameerah? God forbid if/when you get married the father of your children doesnt leave you in such a position. Sorry, I am in favour of men supporting their own children, not leaving others to do it for them.


  5. >Indeed Umm Omar! Here in the US he'd already be in prison. Having said that, I need to keep in mind that this is the same legal system that gave custody of their one year old son to his father who showed up to the court date viseably high on heroin and ordered her daughter, when born, to be given to his man. She later got called by his family in Saudi after they found the baby in the apartment having wore the same diaper for days with no food. Yeah, A Shari'a court in Saudi knowingly gave a 1 year old baby to this man. It only cost my father in law a $10,000 bribe to the judge. Amazing. We figured it out, over the space of 18 years the father's family (not him mind you) have contributed about $7 a month. They didnt have more money because they have supported his drug habit for the last 20 years whilst he didnt work. You'd think with all of the drug abuse he'd have been caught and spent lengthy prison times in Saudi right? HAH! He has been busted for drugs more times than Snoop Dogg, yet he always gets out with little or no jail time. Reminds me of here in the USA, except it is supposed to be the home of Islam. Am I more than a bit jaded by this? You bet!


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