Expatriate Mother Wants Citizenship For Saudi Children

By Abdulaziz Al-Thubaiti

Saudi Gazette/Okaz | Taif
31 January 2010

An expatriate woman has appealed to the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) to help her get citizenship for her two sons born from her marriage to a Saudi man.

She claimed that the Saudi man divorced her and left them without any official documents. This has prevented her from enrolling their sons at government schools and to get medical services.

Relating her ordeal, she said she married the Saudi man and gave birth to the two boys. They later divorced.

After some time, she realized that her ex-husband had not registered the two children with the relevant government departments.

In addition, he had not even recognized her as his wife by adding her to his Saudi identity document.

She said that she had managed to get official documents from the hospital where she gave birth to the two children. However, this did not help her to renew her residence permit (Iqama).

The mother said that despite all her efforts, she was not able to change the status of her children. She said this left her with no choice but to approach the NSHR for help.

She and her sons are currently living on charity, she said.

Meanwhile, a source at the NSHR confirmed the woman had lodged a complaint to rectify the status of her two boys.

Photo Credit: Ana Co0ol



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