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They call themselves “halfies”, a term used to describe a person of mixed race and a euphemism for half-breed. One half is Saudi and the other half is whatever nationality/ethnicity their non-Saudi mother or father happens to be. 

Riem is one of the administrators of the Facebook group, Half Saudis and the title is self-explanatory. She gives a brief background of the group, “Our group also consists of members whose mothers are Saudis as well as multicultural Saudis. For instance, some grew up in the US or just feel like they identify more with halfies than fullies…”

Three other administrators of Half Saudis, Faisal, Majid (aka Saudi Majix) and Nora, give more detailed information on the group. Nora explains, “We want to be recognized in this [Saudi] society! We want to find our own ID [identity]! We want to belong somewhere and in our own community [of half-Saudis] we do! We just need other people to realize it.”

Insha’Allah this post will be the catalyst that launches the Half Saudis group into the blogosphere and beyond. Here’s to hoping they get the recognition they deserve and it enables them to broaden their horizons and that of their group members. Best wishes to them all and may they be successful in their endeavors. Thank you Riem, Faisal, Majid and Nora! Tara Umm Omar
Who is/are the creator(s)? 

FAISAL: A young lady that has stepped down as an admin a while ago, the group admins must be active contributing members, if inactivity occurs they are replaced, as long as no objections are implied by other members. This ensures that the group is always active and productive to serve its purpose.

MAJID: The creator of this group is Hanadi, she is half Saudi father side and half pinoy from her mother side, she left facebook and left it in our care. Riam, Majed, Mira and myself are first one that joined the group I have been offered to be admin but with me having my own blog I wouldn’t be giving 100% to the group.

NORA: What I know from Riem, that sombody created it and had to leave facebook so that person left to Riem.
How and why did you create “Half Saudis”? 

FAISAL: The group was created to allow halfies to become part of a community, where openions can be shared and discussed, however one statement applies and enforced ”Freedom of speech is the right of every single member. However your opinions MUST not be on the expense of insulting nor offending other members. Bad language towards others will not be tolerated”. 

MAJID: Living in a society based on tradition for us halfes are hard, most of us myself included live so called double life just to fit in our own society. so we seek out people with same backgrounds. and share thoughts and ideas.

NORA: I’m guessing, that that person also felt confused and wanted to meet other halfies in our country as you can see 800+ members and still increasing. So many of us around 🙂
Who can be a member?  

FAISAL: Everyone is welcomed

MAJID: Anyone can be a member ^.^ the main purpose is networking, in the early stages we had or shares of so called heaters, as our loyalties are at question, but in the end we found that most people “young” are more understanding.

NORA: Anybody who is a halfie from the mother or the father.

What benefits do you expect members to get out of the group? 

FAISAL: We expect to exchange and share our ideas and experiences with others, something that is hard to do on day to day life. Diversity is one of the main elements of success in this group. Many members have created respected friendships through the group, this is due to the similarities within the cultural dimensions.

we share ideas, we discuss common interest, as you may have noticed some of the topics and links we discuss the stories that could be anyone of us, how that impact on our life, what went wrong, and what is right thing to do. we expect members to benefit from our own experience in dealing with what happen in our society.

NORA: We honestly want people to feel like they can belong at least somewhere even if it is Facebook. Me and Riem try our best to meet halfies and actually make friends and alhamdullilah we have been doing so. We want to help girls and of course boys to feel like they aren’t alone is this confusion. We feel like that we don’t belong to Either Saudi or our other half.

What are some examples of the topics discussed on the group? 

FAISAL: Too many to mention!! Anything from articles read, TV programmes viewed, topics on Marriage and relationships, our mixes, problems we go through, nationalities we hold, etc…. feel free to browse through them , we currently have 126 topics discussed.

MAJID: Marriage is a big issue, being half is hard, as I said earlier it’s hard to find the right partner since we live double life. to come from two worlds has it’s pros and cons but it seem that the Saudi society focuses on the cons, here we try to change that. We even tried to match people together, well see where that would take us.

NORA: What’s your other half? Who do you want to marry (halfie or non halfie)? When did you feel like you were different? What do pure Saudi’s think of you? ..etc
Do you or your members find support on the group that is lacking elsewhere due to being half-Saudi?
FAISAL: Being a half means that you can often look different, act different or even think different resulting in the obvious feeling of belonging to different cultures, and it is hard to find acceptance by everyone out there. The group itself gives you the feeling of belonging. However saying that we feel part of a strong culture and a feeling of belonging to our Saudi routes.

MAJID: I believe we do, most topics here could be a taboo else where, most members are well educated and we do help each other at facing whatever we face in life. we have social gathering, where we meet and do activities and discuss issues and most of meet each other in person. We had two in Riyadh, and one in Jeddah, I’m planing for one in Khobar depends on the number of people. note that the ladies are more active then the guys. as most of them meet each other on regular bases.

NORA: I tell my regular friends about this group that I find so much joy in but they never understood how different we feel until I actually explain.

What are your hopes for the group in the future?

FAISAL: To maintain active members, to expand, and to maintain the level of intellectual and social discussions that is guided by respect for each other’s differences and appreciation of each other’s similarities.

MAJID: This group started with an idea of “you are not alone” as many half Saudi in Saudi think they are the only one who is trying to fit in or struggling and can’t seem to find anyone to understand him/her. I hope for this group to be a home for every half Saudi to come to and see that they are not alone. this group is also for non-half Saudi to see and understand us more. and most of all take this group to another level to show Saudis what a half Saudi is and be active part of the community.

NORA: Halfies youth centre definitely. Me and my halfie friend are already discussing it.

Is there anything else you would like others to know about the group?

MAJID: The group is open for all, to come and share ideas and point of views. the only rule: Freedom of is speech is the right of every single member, However your opinions MUST not be on the expense of insulting nor offending other members. Bad language towards others will not be tolerated.

NORA: Us half Saudis feel different and that we belong to neither communities. I am half British, half Saudi myself and I always feel confused. I have gained sooo much through the group :). I just finally feel like I belong somewhere! I can truly be myself in the group. I have gained many friendships and continue on making more. I dream to open a youth centre for us halfies, so we could meet fellow halfies and just have our own proper community. Everytime I meet a halfie and I get to ask who would you like to marry? Most likely the answer is, a halfie! And that’s even my answer too. It’s difficult for us, especially if we continue living in Saudi where we don’t have freedom of speech and us women are left to follow men. Our independancy is literally stolen away from us everytime we come back into the country. Just for them [halfies] to know that took the best from both worlds and become ONE. We want the best for both worlds, we wish it but for Saudi, well it’s always behind. But slow moving is better than nothing I guess 🙂

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