>Saudi/Non-Saudi Divorce Rate In Saudi Arabia


Excerpted to show non-Saudi/Saudi divorce percentage. Tara Umm Omar

Efforts To Contain Divorces And Save Marriages Find Little Success
By Fatima Sidiya
Arab News | Jeddah

Almost 80 divorces happen on average everyday in the Kingdom, according to a government study. The Ministry of Justice’s research stated that 144,436 weddings took place in the Kingdom in 2008 — an average of 396 marriages a day — compared to 28,867 divorces.

Dr. Adil Abdul Aziz, a consultant for social behavior at Hira General Hospital, believed it was not a concern that 10 marriages out of 1000 end up in divorce. He claimed it meant divorce was an issue, not a phenomenon, especially when the Kingdom’s vast population was taken into account.

Aziz said that couples tend to consult these reconciliation committees when it is often too late. He added that many of these people are not willing to discuss their private life with strangers, while others attend once and then refuse to go back. The study also revealed that out of the female expatriate population, Saudi men preferred Yemenis, followed by Syrians, Pakistanis, and Palestinians. Saudi women preferred Yemenis, followed by Kuwaitis, Qataris, and Syrians.

Marriages between Saudis and expatriates accounted for 2.9 percent of the total in the Kingdom.


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