Do You Have A Complaint Against Someone At The Saudi Ministry Of Interior?


I am sure that some of you have encountered problems with some of the officials at the Ministry Of Interior for whatever reason or know of some that have abused the law. Especially when it has come to the Saudi marriage permission. Would you like to complain about them? Here is your chance…

Interior Ministry Launches Human Rights Website. Colonel Ibrahim Al-Men’ai, Supervisor of the Human Rights Department at the ministry, said the website will allow the public to send in their remarks and complaints about the performance of security personnel. Apart from this, Al-Men’ai said the department has devoted a toll free telephone number, 989, for members of the public to express their opinions or report those security officials who have broken the law. Another objective behind the service is to familiarize the public with services of the ministry. It also aims to ensure that the public is made aware that security officials are not above the law and that justice will take its course against those who abuse their powers.

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.