>Divorced Mother Of Three Demands Child Support


Things should be better for Umm Ibrahim and her kids after obtaining Saudi citizenship, not worse…right? Why does everything here have to depend on the presence of a man? Women should be able to take care of their paperwork in a government building with a separate floor served by women government workers. Or if they don’t want to mix then construct a government building for women to handle their business staffed with women government workers. That arrangement in turn would create more jobs for Saudi women. How hard is that? As for Umm Ibahrim’s missing husband, he needs to man up and pay up.

Arab News
Jul 25, 2010

JEDDAH: Um Ibrahim is a Saudi woman of Egyptian origin. She obtained Saudi nationality after marrying a Saudi and had two boys and a girl from him.

Every day she visits the office of her legal consultant in Jeddah who is following up her case against the man who divorced her seven years ago without reaching any financial settlement or paying child support.

Um Ibrahim lives with her three children in a rented apartment on a monthly social security allowance of SR1,300. After the divorce, she filed a case against her husband asking for alimony. The court ruled that the husband should give SR200 to his daughter every month.

However, the man paid the money for one month and then disappeared without leaving any trace. The latest news Um Ibrahim has received about her former husband is that he is married to an Indian woman.

Um Ibrahim says she is unable to look after her children who have grown up now. She said her eldest son was detained many times while her youngest one is unable to obtain his national ID. “Every time my son goes to the Department of Civil Affairs to get his ID they ask him to bring his father,” she said.

Um Ibrahim also said she is unable to meet the demands of her daughter who is now studying at a secondary school.

She said she was able to keep her apartment thanks to charity.

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