>How Are The Children Of Mixed Marriages Really Viewed?


By American Bedu
11 October 2010

The children born of mixed marriages between a Saudi and a foreigner are undoubtedly strikingly beautiful. This goes for both male and female. In most cases, these children are usually bi-lingual or perhaps tri-lingual depending on their heritage. Most whom I have met are unfailingly polite and well mannered. In general the children have been raised in a more open environment than children with two Saudi parents.

The children born of a Saudi father and non-Saudi mother are automatically recognized as Saudi nationals. They receive the benefits and rights as any Saudi citizen. Yet, when it comes to marriages, how are the children of mixed marriages really viewed? For example, in the case of a daughter with a foreign (non-Arab) mother, how many families come forward expressing an interest in the daughter to their son? How many Saudi mother’s and father’s want their daughter married to a young man who has a foreign mother or foreign blood? Are the options for the children of mixed marriages more limited? Or are the parents more open to allowing their children to find and choose a mate? Are more marriages of “children of mixed heritage” arranged between other bi-cultural couples?

These are questions which I can not answer with surety. Abdullah and I met each other later in life and did not have children together. I cannot speak as a mother in this capacity. I have Saudi step-children who will all likely marry Saudi partners identified by other Saudi family members.

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.