Saudi Woman Battles Problems Caused By Yemeni Ex-Husbands Forgery

By Asma Al-Ghabri
Saudi Gazette/Okaz
10 November 2010

A Saudi woman said she is determined to overcome bureaucratic and legal headaches caused by her Yemeni ex-husband’s use of forged documents to win her hand in marriage.

The woman said she has worked unsuccessfully for four years to get an official divorce document and a birth certificate for her son.

The woman said the man presented forged Saudi identification documents to her family 15 years ago when he wanted to marry her, adding that his nationality was only discovered when he wanted to get a birth certificate for their only child, Abdullah.

The man was caught and deported to his home country within six months of his arrest.

“I don’t know anything about him,” Umm Abdullah said. “I feel bad and cheated.”

Umm Abdullah and her 14-year-old boy are hoping for help from higher authorities in the Kingdom to settle her case.

Although she was divorced four years ago, she has been unable to get the documents, despite her hard work to get them, she said.

“It’s been a long battle in the court,” she said.

“The judge kept asking me for the physical address of my long-gone husband if I wanted the official divorce document and a national ID for my son.”

Umm Abdullah said she took her case to the Yemeni embassy in Riyadh, which provided her ex-husband’s address in Yemen, but the judge said his court was not able to reach the man.

Photo Credit: WSBRadio


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