Saudis Admit To Fathering Children By Two Yemeni Sisters

By Qayed Aal Ja’ra
Saudi Gazette/Okaz
12 November 2010

An uncle and a nephew from Asir have admitted to fathering two children by Yemeni sisters rather than face the prospect of a court hearing and DNA testing.

The two Saudis, who faced appearing before Najran General Court after Eid Al-Adha, admitted to being the fathers of two boys, the result of their short-lived marriages to Yemeni sisters Saeeda, 23, and Sahr, 24, three years ago.

With the marriages barely a month old, the two men returned to the home of their father, but following the births of Ali and Waleed their fathers refused to recognize them and provide for them. The sisters turned to the Najran Emir Office for help and the case was passed on to the court.

The two Saudis said that their marriages were conducted by a Yemeni resident certified to represent the local Yemeni community.

“The official said that the official marriage procedures would be completed after the Haj of that year, so I took my wife away from Najran but after a month I returned her to her family and divorced her legally,” one of the two Saudis told a local newspaper. “It is not true that I haven’t divorced her.”

Following intervention from the National Family Security Program, however, the pair have now promised to add their names to Civil Status records thereby securing their nationality.

Photo Credit: Promex

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