Interview Of Arab News Columnist: Tariq Al-Maeena

photocredittariqalmaeenaThank you Tariq!


Your nationality and country of residence: Saudi – KSA

What are the things you like about Saudi Arabia? Safety to a degree and presence of family.

What are the things you dislike about Saudi Arabia?

A) Corruption and lack of accountability
B) Hypocrisy
C) Education
D) Skewed justice
E) Extreme religious ideology
F) Indiscipline and lack of ethics
G) Lack of national plan for future growth

What would you like to see improved in Saudi Arabia? Just about everything.

Do you feel trapped in Saudi Arabia or do you feel comfortable living in the country? Mixed feelings as family is from here.

What do you think about the abaya and is it a problem for your wife to wear it? The abaya is an abnormal requirement imposed by a certain segment of society.

Do you think non-Saudis should change anything about themselves in order to fit into Saudi society? As long as they don’t flaunt or break Islamic rules, why should they?

Do you think a non-Saudi man/woman can be happy in Saudi Arabia? They could if they mingled among each other or met up with tolerant Saudis.

Do you think a non-Saudi woman would have any problems living alone in Saudi Arabia without a husband and her family? Yes, definitely.

What do you think non-Saudis should know about Saudi men/women? That there is no such thing as a general judgment. It boils down to the individual. The harshness of society does produce some very narrow-minded perspectives in some sections of our society.

As a Saudi, how do you feel about Saudis marrying non-Saudis? Do not imprison your partner into a society that grants them very little rights.

What is your advice when a non-Saudi man/woman meets their potential/future Saudi in-laws? Ask questions, and plenty of them.

What advice would you give a non-Saudi considering marriage to a Saudi? Run.

Photo Credit: Saudi Gazette



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Tara Umm Omar

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