Saudi Given One Month To Send Chadian Wife Home

By Muhammad Al-Enizi
Okaz/Saudi Gazette | Dammam
19 December 2010

Police in the Eastern Province have given Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi, a Saudi citizen married to a Chadian woman, a month to send his wife to her home country or he will be referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution (BIP) for further action.

He said he married his foreign wife without getting permission from the authorities concerned.

He added that his marriage was approved and documented by the Chadian Embassy in the Kingdom.

He said he is blessed with two children, Salem, 3, and Shareef, 2. His wife is currently pregnant with their third child.

Bandr Al-Makhlif, spokesman for the Eastern Province Police, said the police were an executive authority and were carrying out orders issued by the authorities.

He said Al-Bargi had broken the law and was liable for punishment.

Okaz published Al-Bargi’s story on Saturday indicating that he was married to his Chadian wife six years ago.

He is working as a security guard for a security company in Dammam.

Photo Credit: Saudi Gazette


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Tara Umm Omar

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2 thoughts on “Saudi Given One Month To Send Chadian Wife Home”

  1. >لقد آلمني الخبر كثيرا ليتنا نستطيع مساعدتهم المحامي أحمد السديري الذي ساعد فاطمه العزاز وزوجها منصور ربما يستطيع تقديم المساعده أرجو أن يمكننا مراسلته هديل


  2. >Hadeel- Thank you for your comment. You should go to the Saudi Gazette article and write the same comment there that you wrote here. Insha'Allah the author, Muhammad Al-Enizi might see it and get in contact with Mustafa Al-Bargi regarding the lawyer Ahmed Al-Sudairy. My husband thinks that Mr. Al-Bargi should go to the emara of Dammam to start the Saudi marriage permission process rather than allow them to kick his wife out of the country.


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