New Pension Law Benefits Kin Of Saudi Women Married To Foreigners

By Khaled Al-Balahedi
Okaz/Saudi Gazette
29 December 2010

Dammam: Fatima Al-Ali, Director of Women’s Section at the General Organization of Pensioners, said the newly drafted pension law submitted to the King for his approval allows payment of two months salary to beneficiaries if their father or mother dies.

It also allows the same payment for children of Saudi women married to non-Saudis and includes provisions in the interest of the beneficiaries, she added.

Al-Ali discussed the law’s provisions Sunday in a lecture organized by the Women’s Section at the National Society for Pensioners in the Eastern Province.

She pointed out that the current retirement law stipulates that those who are eligible for early retirement must have completed 20 years of service.

She said no article in the law allows those who apply for early retirement to pay for the remaining period of service in order to fulfill the condition that applicants must complete 20 years of service.

Al-Ali made it clear that children and husbands of Saudi female civil servants married to non-Saudis will not get their monthly retirement salaries unless they obtain Saudi citizenship.

If both parents die, the law allows the payment of their two pensions; the husband’s pension goes to the children and the wife’s pension goes to her parents, if they have a document showing they depended on their daughter’s income, she said.

Al-Ali also said female civil servants have the right to retain their jobs, even if they retired and started receiving their pensions, but they must be under 60 and the post must be vacant.

Women in those circumstances must inform the organization about their decision to resuming working so they stop receiving their pensions and start receiving their salaries.

Photo Credit: Memri Economic Blog


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