The Process For A Saudi Man To Marry An Iranian Woman

It used to be easy for a non-Iranian to marry an Iranian woman but after Iranian women complained constantly of various abuses by non-Iranian men at the family courts, the Ministry of Justice changed the marriage laws to protect Iranian womens’ rights.

This is from a FHWS reader who is of Iranian nationality and had to complete this process with her Saudi husband before applying for the Saudi marriage permission. Some of it is from her and some of it is from my research.

I advise the Saudi man to consult the Iranian Embassy in Saudi Arabia or whichever country he happens to be residing in and peruse the reference link for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requirements for marrying an Iranian woman that I have provided towards the end of this post. Tara Umm Omar

An Iranian girl who has never been married before requires the permission from a legal guardian. If she is widowed, her guardian’s permission is not needed. If her father is dead, she needs to submit his death certificate. The procedure takes about two months if not less. The couple may need to remain in Iran until the process is complete. Documents prepared outside of Iran must be attested and authenticated by the Iranian Embassy inside that country, in this case, Saudi Arabia.

The Iranian government needs an official letter from the Saudi government (such as a sworn affidavit) saying that the man is single and has no children. This is by request of the Iranian woman but there is no need for it if the girl agrees to forgo it. However it can speed up the procedure. In Iran, it is not allowed to marry more than once except when the girl agrees (meaning a polygamous marriage).

A salary certificate as he must have a job to be able to support his future wife.

There is no religious ban on marriages between Sunni and Shia in Iran. The only condition is that if the Iranian woman is a Muslim, the non-Iranian man should provide a certificate proving that he is Muslim or converted to Islam. Otherwise, Iran will not recognize a marriage between a Muslim woman and non-Muslim man.

Medical tests: blood, urine, HIV, drug test and any other tests demanded by the Iranian government. The blood and urine tests must be done in Iran and the results usually takes two days, if not less.

Fingerprints which is done in Iran in the interpol section of police department. A clearance from Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) confirming that he has never committed a crime or been to jail/prison. This is a mandatory step that a man must go through, it is requested by the Iranian government to make sure that the non-Iranian man has a clean and clear background. Even if an Iranian woman doesn’t request a background check, the Iranian government will still conduct the fingerprint and background checks. The results can be ready from one day to six months.

A letter from the man to show that he is totally committed and responsible and will never disregard the rights of a woman (for example, if the wife wants to travel, she doesn’t need his permission). Also a commitment to pay her and any future children maintenance (nafaghah) and even the responsibility of paying for her tickets to visit Iran should she so request it. And if she wants to stay in Iran, the Saudi husband doesn’t have any right to stop her and he man must either buy or rent a house for her in her country.

After submitting all of the papers, there will be an interview which is done at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They ask questions about him, his background and his reasons for marrying an Iranian woman.

Then after a few days they will call you and your permission is ready within a maximum of two weeks. The Saudi man is now allowed to marry his Iranian fiance and the marriage will be registered with the Ministry of External Affairs. Their marriage will be displayed on the Iranian wife’s national ID card.

An Iranian woman can apply for her Saudi husband to get permanent residency if he wishes to live in Iran. If not, this step can be skipped. It should be noted that a Saudi man can not acquire Iranian citizenship through his Iranian wife and she will not lose her Iranian nationality after marriage.

If the Iranian wife of a Saudi delivers a baby in Iran, the Iranian government will give her a birth certificate but not nationality. Once the child reaches 18 years of age, he/she can decide if they want to become Iranian or retain their father’s nationality. The child must decide, not the parents.

The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Requirements For an Iranian To marry A Non-Iranian

Iranian wife with foreign husband

The following documents are required for registration of marriage:

1. The new birth certificates of couple.

2. The original passport of husband.

3. The original passport of wife.

4. Husband’s full detailed English birth certificate.

5. 8 photos of couple (ladies with Hejab).

6. The original health certificate from a doctor for couple.

7. The job certificate (a letter from accountant or solicitor).

8. The original religious marriage certificate.

9. The original English marriage certificate.

10. Conversion certificate of husband to Islam if the wife is Moslem.

11. Father’s consent which must be confirmed by the Vital Records Office of Foreign Ministry of I.R.Iran, if the father was not present. (If the father has passed away, the death certificate of father should be presented).

12.The relevant registration form.

13. Certificate of non-criminal record for husband that should be confirmed by local police.

14. Husband’s commitment to give alimony and a one-off travel expenses to Iran, or the wife’s consent to give up this right.

15. Certificate of non-martial statute for husband if it is not stated in the marriage certificate.

16. Payment of 1 pounds for marriage certificate.

The time needed, to issue a marriage certificate, depends upon the number and case of the applicants and there is no certain time mentioned.

Iran Family Protection Bill

According to existing family law, citizenship cannot be passed to children from their mothers. Many Iranian women who have married Afghan and Iraqi men cannot get birth certificates for their children; hence these children cannot go to school.* It is estimated that there are 100,000 children today in Iran without birth certificates who are denied their basic human right to education. [*This is because they have never applied for an official marriage certificate through the Iranian government and their husbands are either illegal immigrants or refugees.]

The Family Protection Bill imposing even stricter penalties upon women who marry foreigners, stipulates a harsh sentence, up to 9 months in detention, for women who marry foreign nationals prior to getting government permission.

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7 thoughts on “The Process For A Saudi Man To Marry An Iranian Woman”

  1. >As a Persian girl with Saudi husband, I went through some difficult time and I'm still praying to get permission from Saudi Arabia to be able to live with my husband. But I never regret marrying someone I loved. I'm not here to encourage you to go through the same difficulties, I just want to say that nothing is more valuable than a real love and if you Persian girls have found your true love in a Saudi man then don't let the permission issue to win..Thank you Tara for your hard work and the amazing weblog


    1. So what dd u do ? Are u with ur husband now or no? Cause i have saudi bf. but he shows that everything will be fine after marriage 😦 whats wrong?


  2. >And thank YOU for assisting me with this information. Finding articles on Saudis marrying Iranians is almost non-existent and you helped make it possible to be posted on FHWS. I pray that other Iranian women will gain some benefits from it insha'Allah. Best wishes to you and your husband.


  3. i agree u dear nazi,the true love worth every thing,every single problm u face n its just the love tht can let u not to seprate,ive been in this hard situation away frm my husband since two years ago n im praying God every day to let me come in saudi,i don no wht will happen but God noS hw much i love him n my love increases day afer day…


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