Muslimah Blogger Directory

Sister Rabia has asked me to post this announcement of her new blog, Muslimah Blogger Directory. Tara Umm Omar

I have created a blog directory for all Muslimah blogs/websites. It doesn’t matter what you blog about, you just have to be a Muslimah. To submit your blog email me: rabiaaisrabiaa at gmail dot com.

When you email me, you must include the following:

Blog Link

Blog Title

Name (first or first and last name)

Blog Category: fashion, cooking, personal, random (if you can’t think of a category, I’ll take a look at your blog and create one for you).

You don’t have to email the below information if you don’t want but it would be better:

Country you’re in or from

Any other interesting facts about you

Please tell any other Muslimah bloggers you know about this directory!

Thank you,

Published by

Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

3 thoughts on “Muslimah Blogger Directory”

  1. >Nice idea, but reg age – it happens to change with time; so if someone stumbles into Muslimah Blog Directory after – 2 years since the info was published, it will not be up to date ;). I would suggest skipping this info, irrelevant. I would also suggest: (NICK)name;)


  2. >@ Umm Latifa thats a good idea. I'll take off the age. Well some sister have not given me their real names, and they asked if they could use their nicknames. Thats fine. I just need something of which I can address you by. 😀


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