Umm Latifa: Saudi Arabia Through The Lens

Umm Latifa is the owner of Arabia Saudyjska, a Polish-language blog on Saudi Arabia that I follow using the help of Google translation. How can I convince her to write posts in both Polish and English? Especially now that she has a new blog, Saudi Arabia Through The Lens, and yet a third blog to be unveiled soon here on FHWS. But first things first, let’s see what she’s up to on her photo blog. Thanks Umm Latifa! Tara Umm Omar


Who is/are the creator(s) of “Saudi Arabia Through The Lens”? I am an expat, Polish, Muslim woman married to a Saudi. So, a foreigner, a wive and a mother – we have 3 kids, all born in Riyadh! I have been living in Saudi Arabia since June 2003.

How and why did you create “Saudi Arabia Through The Lens”? I simply created a new blog! I do think I am becoming addicted to blogging – is there such an addiction? Why I created Saudi Arabia Through the Lens? – I have already had one blog about Saudi Arabia – but in Polish, so – directed to a certain group of readers. As the format of the Polish blog is not much convenient for photos, I decided to move them to a new blog and decided to make it ‘international” this time ;). I created the photo blog a few months ago, but did not time to publish anything until recently. I have lots of photos on my hard disk – time to let them see the light!

What are some examples of the main subjects of your photos and how/why do you choose to photograph them? I do take photos of everything that I see. I love to observe life in Saudi Arabia, people, nature. Whenever I travel, this is what fascinates me the most – how people live, where they live, where they shop. So, I try to capture everyday life – whenever I have a chance to get out of the house ;).

What benefits do you expect readers to get out of your photo blog? I hope the blog will allow readers to confront imagination with reality. A “tourist visa” to Saudi Arabia?

What are your hopes for “Saudi Arabia Through The Lens” in the future? I do wish to work on the quality of my photos, take better photos and publish better photos – I do hope to buy a new camera, insha’Allah! I think it is the beginning of a new chapter in my life!

Thank you very much, Tara, for this opportunity to talk a bit about my blog and new passion!

Photo Credit: Umm Latifa

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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