Saudi Prince Weds Duke Of Northumberland’s Niece

1 April 2011 Update: Took down the Oxford Time’s picture and replaced it with the one I found on Around The World. After seeing this picture, Prince Khaled bin Sultan looks like a cross between Bandar bin Sultan and Sultan bin Abdulaziz lol. Also at the end of this post, there is information on Prince Khaled bin Sultan. Finally I can access News Of The World’s article on the wedding! I have inserted that above the Oxford Time’s article. 

As soon as I saw the Oxford Time’s picture (3rd picture below), I thought how much Prince Khaled looked like Prince Bandar bin Sultan (this is my first time ever seeing a picture of him by the way). The resemblance between the two is striking. While searching for other news articles on the marriage, I came across a comment in The Royal Forum that the name Khaled bin Faisal was a mistake and they thought it was Khaled bin Bandar. I investigated further using Google and came across a Twitter account @RFatani which led me to @GhassanAlabdali who directed me to @GalagBasha aka Talal M A Al-Faisal of The G-Bash Journal who told me that he’s 100% sure its Prince Khaled bin Bandar.  News Of The World published his name correctly but it is blocked in Saudi, at least on my end. I wish I had been able to read it first so I wouldn’t have had to go through all the trouble of verifying it . Thanks to those who helped lead me in the right direction and congrats to Prince Khaled and his new wife.


ARABIAN TIGHT: Royals Say ‘I do’ In Cheapo Ceremony Costing £167
Exclusive by Philip Whiteside
News Of The World
March 27, 2011

THIS happy couple hail from two of the world’s richest families-but this week they got wed in a credit crunch ceremony costing just £167.

Bride Lucy Cuthbert, niece of the £300 million Duke of Northumberland, and groom Saudi Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud, whose dad has a personal fortune of £290 million, tied the knot at a humble register office . . . then travelled by BUS with pals to celebrate.

Riding in style… the party bus

Oxford shoppers passing by were unaware of the staggering wealth stood before them as a handful of guests threw confetti and took wedding photos on their mobile phones. But it could all have been so different.

For Lucy’s uncle Ralph George Algernon Percy was 229th in the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List. He owns Alnwick Castle-the magical setting for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts-and Lucy’s dad Aidan owns Beaufront Castle 40 miles up the road.

Khalid, 33, is destined to be even more minted. For he is grandson to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and heir to a share of £40 billion oil wealth.

And a hired coach, just £395 for the day, is not Khalid’s usual mode of transport-he uses the family Airbus jet painted in the silver and blue colours of the Dallas Cowboys, his favourite American football team.

He has landing rights at RAF Brize Norton, close to his 2,000-acre Oxfordshire estate Glympton Park.

Bargain basement vows… Oxford registry office

The outfits for Wednesday’s low-key ceremony were understated too. Lucy, 28, wore a short white dress and cream jacket while the groom, boss of investment giant Dayim, donned a grey suit with pale shirt and striped tie.

Their choice of a £100 midweek marriage also saved them a packet. Register office rates soar to £170 on Saturday morning, £400 on Saturday afternoon and £490 on a Sunday.

But there was no chance of doing a deal on the official flat-rate notice fee of £33.50 a person-a total of £67. The couple managed to clip a few bob off travel costs though-by defying convention and arriving TOGETHER in a Land Rover.

They are expected to enjoy a rather more lavish bash later this year at posh Syon House in West London.

But the chances of a discount are pretty good-for that too is owned by Lucy’s uncle!

In richness and in wealth

LUCY’S mega-rich father-in-law Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud is Saudi’s national security adviser and dubbed The Arab Gatsby in America, where he owns one of the world’s priciest homes, Hala Ranch in Colorado, worth £70million and bigger than the White House.


Saudi Prince Weds In Oxford Register Office
Oxford Times
29th March 2011

IT could have been a wedding to remember.

A member of the Saudi Royal family marrying an English rose, the niece of the Duke of Northumberland.

Together their families are worth multi-millions, but bizarrely, as reported yesterday, they tied the knot at Oxford Register Office, in Tidmarsh Lane, at a cost of £167.

Prince Bandar Bin Khalid Bin Faisal al-Saud, a member of the super-rich Saudi Royal Family, wed Lucy Cuthbert at a ceremony attended by a handful of guests.

Lucy, who shone in a thigh-length white dress with a cream jacket, is the niece of the Duke of Northumberland, whose fortune is estimated at £300m.

Her Middle-Eastern husband went for a classy European look, wearing a grey, three-piece suit with pale shirt and striped tie.

The couple arrived in a gleaming, chauffeur-driven Land Rover Discovery, but saved on the cost of a luxury limousine or romantic horse-drawn carriage, opting instead to leave the ceremony in a bus with their friends.

Lucy’s uncle, Ralph George Algernon Percy, was 229th in the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List. He owns Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland – the setting for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts – and her father Aidan owns Beaufront Castle 40 miles up the road.

Khalid, 33, is destined to inherit a huge fortune. He is grandson to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and heir to a share of £40bn oil wealth.

Khalid is used to a more classier mode of transport than the hired £395 coach he travelled in to the wedding reception.

He uses the family Airbus jet painted in the silver and blue colours of the Dallas Cowboys, his favourite American Football team.

He even has landing rights at RAF Brize Norton, close to his 2,000-acre Glympton Park estate, near Woodstock.

The occasion was a deliberately low-key affair, but still had a number of minders and drivers keeping watch for any sign of trouble on the pavements outside, one for an hour before the event.

Lucy and her husband-to-be arrived together, heading straight inside for the half-hour ceremony in the Dexter Room at the register office in Oxford.

The number of guests for the room is limited to 25 on weekdays.

As they emerged into the sunlight the couple beamed with joy as family and friends threw confetti over them.

Then they were straight into the “executive” coach, with personalised number plates and headed west out of the city, with the Land Rover and two Range Rovers swinging into the traffic behind it.

Photo Credit: Around The World, Around The World, World Economic Forum (for picture below)

Further Reading:

Executive Chairman of Dayim Holdings
Source: World Economic Forum

Degree in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford; Master’s degree, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Formerly: with UN in New York; commissioned from Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst; three years as Adviser to Saudi Ambassador in Washington; 2006, founded Dayim Holdings as vehicle for joint ventures and strategic partnerships in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Acting General Manager, Al Hama Company, a Saudi based retail company. Chairman, Byblos Real Estate Development Company, based in UAE. Chairman: Dayim Punj Lloyd Contracting & Construction Co.; Securitas Saudi Arabia; Hertz Dayim Equipment Rental Co.; Dayim Systems & Services Co.

Oxford Business Group
The Report: Saudi Arabia 2010: Economy
Private sector growth: OBG talks to HRH Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, Chairman, Dayim Holdings (at the bottom, scroll past other articles in the magazine until you get to the interview of Prince Khaled)



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6 thoughts on “Saudi Prince Weds Duke Of Northumberland’s Niece”

  1. >They are a cute couple masha'Allah! Don't understand why people are knocking them for being rich and opting for a cheap marriage ceremony. Maybe they think paying for a big wedding is a waste of money and have better things to spend their money on!


  2. >I don't have any problem with their inexpensive wedding as richy-riches, but I wonder how easy it was for Mr. Prince here to wed a non-Saudi…. just sayin' 😉


    1. for all we know here in saudi arabia the laws are that saudi men are forbidden to marry foreigners,…amid a big controversy of they are not happy with foreign wives ???


      1. Saudi men aren’t forbidden to marry foreigners. They are forbidden to marry them without being approved for the Saudi marriage permission first. I hope I understood you correctly insha’Allah.


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