Emirati Father Who Killed Daughter Given Light Sentence, Saudi Mother Rejects Ruling

Al-Ain Court Complex

Only three and a half years! Can you believe it? Tara Umm Omar

Saudi Mother Rejects ‘Light’ Sentence For Daughter’s Killer
By Abdullah Zuwaid
Saudi Gazette/Okaz
20 May 2011

A Saudi mother has slammed the Al-Ain Court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for giving her Emirati ex-husband only three-and-a-half years in jail for the brutal slaying of their daughter, Sarah Al-Mansouri earlier this year. Salama Al-Mansouri, Sarah’s mother, said the sentence was too light and did not fit the crime.

The murder shocked Gulf society because of the manner in which Sarah was killed by her father. She had died begging for her life.

Salama said the court’s verdict issued Wednesday was unfair and did not take into consideration the unjustified taking of a life.

The mother said the court ruled she must get the blood money, but she found it strange she was excluded from being allowed to file a civil lawsuit for compensation for psychological and physical damage.

She said she would meet an official from the Saudi Embassy to hire another lawyer. She plans to file an appeal when the court issues her the official verdict after eight days.

She stressed that she would demand a retrial because the Prosecutor General did not present his case against the perpetrator properly, despite the fact that the crime was premeditated.

She was astonished at her ex-husband’s lawyer pleading that his client be imprisoned for only one year and that he be exempt from lashes of the whip despite the brutality of the crime.

The murder of Sarah, a political science student, goes back several months. Her father took her from his home to the Eastern Nahil Desert.

He tied her hands and legs and dug her grave before shooting her with an AK-47 assault rifle. Then he left her to bleed for more than 90 minutes.

When he was sure she had died he washed her body, wrapped it in a shroud and buried it. Sarah had watched him dig the grave before she was murdered.

Sarah was born in Saudi Arabia on 18/8/1990. Her Emirati father separated from her Saudi mother after two months.

Sarah lived with her mother until she was seven. Then her father asked for her to move to his home in the UAE so she could continue her schooling. She disappeared on Feb. 5, 2011.

Photo Credit: Ahmed Arran


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2 thoughts on “Emirati Father Who Killed Daughter Given Light Sentence, Saudi Mother Rejects Ruling”

    1. It is really hard to swallow. Makes me wonder if he used wasta to commute his sentence and Allah knows best. The mother not only has the right to the diya (blood money), she has the right to qisas (retaliation) and can say whether she forgives him or wants him put to death. I must say, I am surprised at this ruling as it seems to be contrary to Shari’ah laws but then again, the Emirates are very moderate when it comes to Islam.


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