A Statement From Nathalie Morin’s Mother To FHWS

On the left, Johanne Durocher.

There has an update in the news on Nathalie Morin, whose story I have been covering on FHWS since 2009 as she is a Canadian married to a Saudi. Here are the following collections of posts on Nathalie Morin’s situation:

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February 2009

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April 2009

Update: Nathalie Morin, Canadian Wife Of A Saudi, Held Against Her Will
November 2009

MWA Joins Call To Action In Support Of Saudi Guardianship Reform And Release Of Nathalie Morin
June 2010

I contacted her mother, Johanne Durocher, to verify what was going on. She responded to me promptly two days ago but since I was busy moving house, I couldn’t post it until now. This is what Johann had to say…

“Saeed with the help of the police of Dammam trap my girl. He was suppost to be in Bisha, for 1 week. He left Nathalie at home alone with the 3 children with no food. I try to find somebody to give money to my girl for food and water. But Saeed was down stairs with the police waithing. They arrest the 2 womans and my girl, Saeed went to the media. Nathalie will have to go to the court on sunday because she is accused of trying to kidnappe the 3 children. Saeed is creasy he have to make talk about him, he do all what he can do, because he want to come Canada and the things don’t go enough fast for him. He already sign all the form for his permanent residence, and my girl sign the paper for sponsor him. He is afraid it don”t work, so he do problem for push on the Canadian government. It’s make now 6 years Nathalie is his hostage. thank you for your interest, Johanne Durocher”

Nathalie’s mother has a website set up in Nathalie’s name in French and English. The English version is here.

It has been revealed that the two Saudi activists mentioned in the Saudi Gazette’s article were Wajeha Huwaider and Fowziya Al-Oyini.


Activists Held Over Canadian Woman’s Flight Bid Released
Saudi Gazette/Okaz
8 June 2011

Two Saudi women activists were released from custody late Monday night after being arrested earlier in the day on charges of attempting to help the Canadian wife of a Saudi man flee her husband with their three children.

On being released, however, Fouzia Al-Uyouni denied the charges made against her and Wajeeha Al-Huwaidir by the woman’s husband. “The problem is the Human Rights Commission has not dealt with the case seriously and it has gone on longer than a year,” Al-Uyouni said. “We only went to the woman’s house to help her get some food from the supermarket and then take her home again, as she said her children were not being properly fed, but her husband appeared and took us to the police. The incident will at least serve to highlight this woman’s case.” Police arrested the two women after they were observed outside the house of Saudi man Saeed Al-Shahrani putting his wife and their two daughters and son, aged between three and nine, into a car driven by a man under the sponsorship of Al-Uyouni’s husband. Al-Shahrani told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that the two Saudi women were detained in front of his house while intending to take his wife and children to the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh and then depart the country for Canada. Al-Uyouni denied the claim they were helping the woman and children flee the country.

Al-Shahrani said he would not waive his rights in the case, however. He said he was reiterating his appeals for “protection” from the two women. “My wife and I came to an agreement after our problems, but Wajeeha and Fouzia are trying to stoke things and that was discovered during the probe,” he said.

The marital disputes between Al-Shahrani and his Canadian wife have been brought to the attention of the public sporadically over the last five years. In 2009 it was reported that Al-Shahrani was willing to let his wife leave with his three children in return for $300,000, a sum his wife said at the time that she did not have and that her husband “knows I don’t have it”.

The family of Al-Shahrani’s wife appealed to the Saudi authorities to pay the money after Canadian authorities refused to involve themselves in the issue beyond discussions between the respective foreign ministries.

Photo Credit: Canada

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