FHWS Has A New Facebook Page And Twitter Account

I was trying to contact people online and sometimes they only had a Twitter account. I realized this is a great way to hide an email address and not have to advertise it on the internet. So I ended up back on Twitter again! But its not going to be a personal account because frankly, Twitter is too out there for me. I will be restricting myself to tweeting FHWS posts only. There are Tweeters who may prefer to keep up to date with FHWS posts this way rather than through an RSS feed, etc. My Twitter ID is @TaraUmmOmarFHWS. I have included a Twitter “Follow” button on the sidebar under the “Facebook Like Button”.

Remember when FHWS used to be on Yahoo Groups? Unfortunately I had to delete the group because I couldn’t keep up with the emails (I had too much on my plate) and the email threads got confusing. Facebook groups are convenient in that you don’t have notifications flooding your inbox unless you select that option and the posts/comments are super easy to follow. Consequently, I decided to create a Facebook group for FHWS. An image is on the sidebar which will take you directly to the page if you click on it. Or you can click on the link below…


Thanks, Tara Umm Omar

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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