Syrian Wives Of Saudis With Underage Children Can Enter Saudi Arabia Visa Free

Why send them back to Syria after the situation in that country is resolved? Unless it is their choice, I don’t understand why it would make sense to separate a family again. Furthermore, why not give them the choice of whether they want to stay or remain? Tara Umm Omar

Syrian Wives Of Saudis Don’t Need Visa Approval
By Majed Al-Suqairi
Okaz/Saudi Gazette
21 December 2011

Syrian women married to Saudi nationals are to be granted entry visas to the Kingdom without the approval of the authorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is allowing the Saudi Embassy in Damascus to grant the visas provided the women have documents proving their marriage to Saudi men.

A source at the Saudi Embassy in Damascus told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that “the permission is restricted to women with underage children from the Saudi husband, who should sign an undertaking to send her back to Syria when the situation improves in Syria.”

The Saudi Embassy in Damascus is being inundated by desperate pleas from Saudi nationals to allow their Syrian wives to enter the Kingdom without the approval of the authorities concerned. The embassy defended its action and said it is appropriate to issue visas in cases where there are children.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ruled that for the woman to be granted the visa she must have underage children from the marriage and have certificates proving she is still married to the Saudi national.


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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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