Saudi Singer Muhammad Abdo’s Algerian Wife Pregnant

Mohammad Abdo Expecting Child From New Wife
December 28th, 2011 – 07:21 GMT

Business manager Ashraf Abd Al Salam Abbas of prominent Saudi singer Mohammad Abdo revealed that the singer is expecting the arrival of a new child from his new French bride, who is of Algerian origin. Ashraf added that Abdo’s wife is seven months pregnant and the couple is expecting a new baby boy. It is said that Abdo has not yet chosen a name for the baby.

Ashraf revealed that Abdo was at first surprised by the pregnancy especially due to the fact that he was not expecting to become a father at such an old age, but he is very happy and anxiously waiting for the arrival of the baby. It is said that Abdo is constantly talking about his child to come to relatives and friends.

According to the internet website, Abdo’s wife had quit her career and dedicated herself entirely to her new family and home.

Arab singer Mohammed Abdo Expressed His Extreme Joy For His New Child
Charles Ayoub
26 December 2011

Arab singer Mohammed Abdo is living now the happiest moments of his life, after he declared that his French wife from Algerian roots is pregnant, and living with him in Jeddah now.

The business manager of Abdo said: “The Arab artist wife is pregnant in her seven months, as the baby is a boy, where Abdo and his wife didn’t choose a name for him yet.”

He explained also that Mohammed Abdo was not expected to become a father of a young child in this age, but his happiness can’t be described, as he expressed his extreme joy with his the next two months.

Photo Credit: Charles Ayoub

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