Updated Questionnaire On Wasta Using Survey Monkey

Since people usually want to be anonymous on FHWS questionnaires/interviews, I have decided to use Survey Monkey. I also reduced the number of questions and simplified the wording. One other change is that this questionnaire is not limited to Saudi/non-Saudi couples, it is for everyone no matter which country you are living in because wasta is not specific to Saudi Arabia only. I think it is much better this way insha’Allah. Deadline for submission has been extended to one week from this posting which will be 4 April 2012. I will send out a reminder two days before the deadline insha’Allah.

I would like to write an article about wasta because this subject has not been touched in depth on FHWS. This includes its definition, how it is used, an Islamic viewpoint, presenting the findings of my research gathered from online sources and the questionnaires. I intend for the article to be balanced, fair and objective insha’Allah. Its purpose is to educate non-Saudis in general and Saudi/non-Saudi couples in particular and bring an awareness on the wasta system.

If you would like to participate, this is the link to the survey, WASTA QUESTIONNAIRE FOR FUTURE HUSBANDS AND WIVES OF SAUDIS (FHWS).

Feel free to pass this questionnaire on to others. Thank you! Tara Umm Omar


Published by

Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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