Number Of Families Helped By AWASSIR Increased By 944 This Year (Italian Translation)

Tawfiq Al-Suweilem meeting with Asharqia Chamber Secretary General in September 2010. Photo Credit: Asharqia Chamber

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Whopping Jump In Number Of Families In Awasir’s Care
By Fatima Muhammad
Saudi Gazette | Jeddah
4 September 2012

Awasir, the Society for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad, currently has 1,564 families under its wings. The figure rose this year by a whopping 944 families.

According to officials, there are still a large number of stranded families who are not aware of the Awasir program and have not registered with the Society.

Awasir looks after children born to Saudi fathers and foreign mothers and later abandoned abroad for various reasons. The Society conducts DNA tests to confirm the children’s paternity before trying to reconnect them with their Saudi families. This helps the children easily obtain the Saudi nationality with the cooperation of the authorities.

In the absence of a confirmed nationality and proper identification papers, it is hard for these children to find jobs or register themselves with any official agencies abroad.

The Society provides the children with all legal assistance free of charge and gives them allowances to cover their basic needs, including education, health care and rents, to help them lead a life of dignity.

According to Tawfeeq Al-Suwailim, the chairman of Awasir’s board of directors, the Society with more than 5,600 members is providing aid to abandoned Saudi families in 30 countries. The majority of these families, according to the Society’s studies, live in Arab countries, such as Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait and Morocco. A few of them live in the United States, Italy, Belgium and Bosnia.

Prior to the summer holidays, Awasir launched a campaign to create awareness among Saudis about problems they may encounter in future because of marital ties with foreign women while traveling abroad.

Islamic scholars have neither permitted nor prohibited Saudis from marrying during their trips abroad. However, scholars insist that all marriages should be conducted in accordance with Shariah principles.

They say marriage contracts should not be solemnized for fixed periods of time because such marriages have resulted in a number of Shariah violations, including the betrayal and abuse of women and the neglect of children.


Grande Balzo In Avanti Del Numero Di Famiglie Aiutate Da Awasir 
Di Fatima Muhammad
Saudi Gazette | Jeddah
4 Settembre 2012
Traduzione Italiana di A.P.

Awasir, la Società per l’Assistenza delle Famiglie Saudite all’Estero, attualmente ha sotto le sue ali 1564 famiglie. Il numero è cresciuto quest’anno di ben 944 famiglie.

Secondo i funzionari, c’è ancora un gran numero di famiglie in difficoltà che non conosce il programma Awasir e non è incluso nella lista della Società.

Awasir si prende cura dei figli nati da padri sauditi e madri straniere e successivamente abbandonati all’estero per varie ragioni. La Società effettua test del DNA per confermare la paternità dei figli prima di tentare di ricongiungerli alle loro famiglie saudite. Ciò aiuta i figli ad ottenere agevolmente la cittadinanza saudita con la cooperazione delle autorità.

In assenza di una cittadinanza confermata e adeguati documenti di riconoscimento, è difficile per questi figli trovare un lavoro o iscriversi in qualsivoglia agenzia ufficiale all’estero.

La Società fornisce ai figli assistenza legale gratuita e fornisce loro sussidi per coprire le spese di prima necessità, inclusa l’istruzione, le cure mediche e l’affitto, per aiutarli a vivere dignitosamente.

Secondo Tawfeeq Al-Suwailim, il presidente del board dei direttori di Awasir, la Società, con più di 5600 membri, sta fornendo aiuto a famiglie saudite abbandonate in 30 paesi. La maggioranza di queste famiglie, secondo gli studi condotti dalla Società, vive in paesi arabi quali Siria, Egitto, Bahrain, Libano, Kuwait e Marocco. Alcune vivono negli Stati Uniti, in Italia, Belgio e Bosnia.

Prima delle vacanze estive Awasir ha lanciato una campagna per la presa di coscienza da parte dei sauditi dei problemi che potrebbero trovarsi ad affrontare in futuro in seguito a legami coniugali contratti con donne straniere in occasione di viaggi all’estero.

Gli studiosi di diritto islamico non hanno né permesso né proibito ai sauditi di sposarsi in occasione dei loro viaggi all’estero. Tuttavia, gli studiosi insistono che tutti i matrimoni dovrebbero celebrarsi secondo i principi della Shariah.

Dicono che i contratti di matrimonio non dovrebbero essere celebrati con il rito religioso prima di un determinato periodo di tempo perchè questi matrimoni finiscono in violazioni della Shariah, inclusi il tradimento e il maltrattamento delle donne e l’abbandono dei figli.


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  1. salam.i just want to ask help from the saudi government concerning my parents who are of saudi descent.we are living in the philippines for a long time,while our relatives is in saudi parents are both old and wants to return to saudi.what will i do?can you help me in these working right now at security forces clinic in hail,k.s.a under the ministry of interior.please help me.


    1. Wa alaikum as-salam, since you are in Saudi Arabia, maybe you could go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and inquire about bringing your parents here.


      1. The problem is i’ve resign from my post and im leaving in 2 months and the clinic where im employed is very strict.they wont allow me to go to riyadh alone.maam,if you can give me an email add of somebody who can help me in this matter.please maam,because only through computer i can communicate.thank you so much for considering my are a big help to me especially to my family.May ALLAH bless you and your family.


        1. Ameen and you and yours also ameen. You can Google the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and look for their contact details there.


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