StringFly Mobile App Launches National Heritage Project For Jeddah And Riyadh

Eric Taubert, Community Manager, StringFly

Dear FHWS Readers,

Eric Taubert, Community Manager at StringFly, has asked me to publish this on FHWS. Please contact him at his email address if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks!

Best wishes to you, Eric.

Tara Umm Omar

I work for a mobile app startup called StringFly – and we are launching a National Heritage project in major cities around the world.

Although we started as an “app” company – we are now in the early stages of building a user website – part of which will be a world map people can discover real time content on.

In order to help build context for that breaking news and cultural content, we also want to have qualified images of architectural landmarks from cities all over the world available on a layer of the map, as well. As such, we are looking for local photographers who care about the architecture and heritage of their cities to work with us.

Currently, we are looking for a few individuals in Riyadh and Jeddah who have an iPhone or Android and are willing to use our StringFly app on their smartphones to upload images from the site of places of worship, hospitals and schools in Riyadh and Jeddah.

StringFly App

We ask them to register and download our app at:

Riyadh Link:

Jeddah Link:

Once the app is downloaded, a photo assignment will arrive through our app on their phone in approximately 10 minutes. They can then use our app to capture and upload the requested photos from the “My Assignments” link in the app.

Alternatively, they could also use their username/password credentials to login to their web account at and upload a few sample images depicting the types of buildings we’ve listed above – and they are welcome to use images they’ve already taken with a conventional camera, if they desire.

We will be choosing, based on quality criteria, from among the photographers who participate in the first phase – and we will offer many among them the opportunity to participate in the second phase where they are asked to take and upload images using our StringFly app, for which we will pay cash rewards in exchange for all requested qualifying images.

If you are, or you know anyone from, the Riyadh or Jeddah areas (or any of the other major Saudi cities) who might be interested in participating please contact me at


Eric Taubert

Photo Credit: Eric Taubert


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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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