Saudi Students: Give Up Your DNA Or Give Up Your Scholarship (Italian Translation)

It should be required protocol that if a Saudi wants to qualify for a scholarship, he should give a DNA sample to be kept on file AND be forewarned that should any complaints surface regarding abandonment, it will be used to verify paternity and if found positive the scholarship will be revoked. That should hopefully discourage them not to get into illicit relationships with foreign women while studying abroad and having illegitimate children which they abandon. It has to be nipped in the bud from the very beginning. Tara Umm Omar

Saudi Embassy In U.S. Asks Saudi Students To Take Paternity Tests Or Lose Their Scholarship
Riyadh Connect
25 November 2012

The Saudi Embassy in U.S. has asked Saudi students to undergo laboratory examinations to verify paternity of abandoned children, as claimed by their American mothers.

According to reports by news daily Al Hayat, more than 10 American women have filed complaints at the Saudi Embassy in Washington against Saudi students who abandoned their children after birth.

In a telephone interview with Al-Hayat, the Saudi Cultural Attaché in Washington, D.C., Dr. Mohammed Al-Eisa said that failure to take the DNA tests would result in the students losing their scholarship.


L’ambasciata Saudita Negli USA Chiede Agli Studenti Sauditi Di Fare Il Test Di Paternità, Altrimenti Perdono La Loro Borsa Di Studio
Riyadh Connect
25 Novembre 2012
Traduzione Italiana di A.P.

L’ambasciata saudita negli USA ha chiesto agli studenti sauditi di sottoporsi a test di laboratorio per verificare la paternità di figli abbandonati, secondo quanto sostenuto dalle loro madri americane.

Secondo quanto riporta il quotidiano Al Hayat, più di 10 donne americane hanno presentato reclamo all’ambasciata saudita a Washington contro studenti sauditi che hanno abbandonato i loro figli dopo la nascita.

In un’intervista telefonica con Al Hayat, l’attaché culturale a Washington D.C., dott. Mohammed Al-Eisa, ha detto che in mancanza di test del DNA gli studenti perderebbero la loro borsa di studio.


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