Saudi Man Marries Indian Woman; Posts Wedding On Youtube

photocreditabdullahkhaleejiFor those who do not listen to music, you can watch the video on mute.

“My Wedding: December 2012. I haven’t been active on Youtube for the longest time, Im making a comeback and decided the first video Im going to upload after this comeback is the most important, special, and beautiful day of my life, my wedding day.” (AbdullahKhaleeji, 26 July 2013)

Masha’Allah it has received over one million views! Congrats to Abdullah and Safia. 

Tara Umm Omar

Saudi-Indian Love Story Plays Out On YouTube
Emirates 24/7
18 September 2013

A Saudi man who fell in love with an Indian girl finally fulfilled his dream and married her. He was so happy that he insisted on publishing his wedding so it will be seen by all – on YouTube.

Saudi newspapers published the film showing the gala wedding of Abdullah and Safia, who were joined by their relatives and hundreds of other guests.

The newspapers said the wedding crowned a long-standing love story, but did not make clear where it was held.

While it is not unknown for citizens from GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, to marry women from non-GCC countries, this wedding has created some controversy.

Readers of the story in the Arabic press and online were divided about the issue of GCC nationals marrying outside their culture.

Some have even cast aspersions on the woman – suggesting a magic spell has been used for the man to fall in love with her.

Photo Credit: Screen capture taken from the video of AbdullahKhaleeji



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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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