Saudi Man Sues British Woman For Lying About Being His Wife And Mother Of Son

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Marriage Row Verdict Is Due
By Noor Zahra
Gulf Daily News
8 November 2013

A Saudi businessman is taking a British woman to court, claiming she lied about being his wife and the mother of his 10-year-old son.

The Public Prosecution has already thrown out his complaint, but he objected and the case is now in the Lower Criminal Court.

A verdict is now due to be handed down on January 13.

The woman’s lawyer, Manar Maki, told the court yesterday that her client married the defendant in 2002 and they had a child the following year.

She claimed the defendant, aged in his 40s, stole the marriage certificate in 2007 while her client, aged in her 30s, was on holiday in the UK.

However, Ms Maki presented the court with documents allegedly proving the pair got married, along with the child’s passport.

She also told the judge the defendant left the country and refused to take a DNA test, despite being ordered to do so by a Sharia court.

“They got married on June 16, 2002 and she gave birth to their child in 2003,” said Ms Maki.

“When my client travelled to the UK in 2007, her husband used the opportunity and stole their marriage certificate.

“When the Sharia court asked him to take a DNA test to see whether the child belonged to him or not, he refused and left the country.”

Two witnesses also testified yesterday that the couple were married.

However, the defendant’s lawyer claimed marriage documents presented to the court had been forged.

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