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Your name, nickname or anonymous: Squibbs

Email address: wendyaljaffar at gmail dot com

Type or copy/paste your submission here: I am a non-Muslim woman. I married a Saudi in 1986 in the UK. We had a daughter together in 1987. She is now 26 years. He left the UK in 1993. I decided it was for the best not to have any contact with him for the next few years as he had made threats to take her from me. All contact from him was made through my parents. The last time he contacted my father asking how we were was in 2000. Since then we heard nothing. I was surprised as we made an agreement that he would contact her when she was 18. After many years of searching for him, just last week we found out he had passed away suddenly due to a car accident in Saudi in 2003. My daughter is now in contact with his brother in Saudi but he says he’s going to tell his family that their son has a daughter in the UK as she is their son’s only child. I don’t know if he is speaking the truth to my daughter but I have always spoke well of her father, my late husband, and I really don’t want her to feel let down by her Saudi family. I really cannot see any good from this. Please give me some advise. Can any good come from his family knowing?

Are you a Saudi woman married to a non-Saudi man?: No

Are you a non-Saudi woman married to a Saudi man?: Yes

Are you a Saudi man married to a non-Saudi woman?: No

Are you a non-Saudi man married to a Saudi?: No

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