How Can Yasser Bring His Family To Saudi Arabia To Be Near His Mother

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Name: Yasser


Submit a positive article or the link to a positive article related to non-Saudi/Saudi marriages: I would like to find a solution to my problem. I am a son of a Saudi mother and I thank God for all that have been given to us because I was born here and educated here. But know there is a bigger problem which is: how can I bring my wife and sons to stay with me in Saudi Arabia and stay around their grandmother?

I have been to the immigration department and talked to them but all they told me is that there is nothing to be done.

Which not exactly understandable as I am a son of a Saudi and I have an iqama. I am a university graduate and alhamdulillah I have whatever is needed to support my family.

I have tried very hard as I have 2 sons and my wife and they all need me and my mother here in Saudi Arabia needs me as well. Please advise me as what do I have to do to bring my family here.

Kind regards.



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