Abdullah Sayel On Saudi Women Marrying Non-Saudi Men

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Marrying A Non-Saudi
By Abdullah Sayel
Arab News
28 April 2014

In the first case, the Saudi husband gets legal authorization to marry a non-Saudi wife. He gets married, has children, obtains for his wife a Saudi nationality and he lives happily ever after!

In the second case, the Saudi woman seeks her family’s approval to marry a non-Saudi husband. She gets married, has children, realizes she can never Saudize her husband and she lives as a ‘kafeel’ ever after!

Recent studies reveal that more than 700,000 Saudi women are married to non-Saudis. In most cases, the husband remains a non-Saudi (in need for a sponsor or kafeel) and the children remain non-Saudi (also, in need for a kafeel). The problem gets bigger as the children get older, i.e. university education, employment, etc. The issue becomes a conflict if the Saudi mother dies. The legal sponsor of her own husband and children has gone! Many of you can imagine the scenario to follow.

The writer is media manager at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.

Photo Credit: Arab News



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