Doctor M.S.A. Hameed Suggests A Match-Making Forum

tarafhwsprofilepic_bravenetforumDr. Hameed,

I am saddened to hear of the ordeal that the two families were subjected to, with nothing to show for their efforts except heart break. May Allah compensate them for their loss with something better ameen. I also worry about my son one day wanting to marry a non-Saudi and experiencing the pain of rejection. Allah forbid! Thank you for kind compliment and unique suggestion. I was eager to launch your idea and created a simple forum that I hope is suitable insha’Allah. It has its own page on FHWS (note the list of pages at the top of the homepage) so that it won’t be lost among all of the other posts. The link to the forum is below. Disclaimer: FHWS provides an opportunity for its visitors to advertise for marriage feesabillah and to please Allah but because I can’t vouch for anyone’s character whom I don’t know personally, you agree by participating in this venture to absolve me of any responsibility should proposals, engagements and marriages not succeed. This is a marriage matchmaking resource and FHWS will not entertain any posts soliciting girlfriends or boyfriends. As always, please fear Allah and respect others. May Allah grant us all the best in this world and the next ameen.

Dr. Hameed, if there is anything that you (and FHWS readers) see that needs to be added or improved, please feel free to let me know in the comments section. 

View The Future Husbands And Wives Of Saudis MatchMaking Message Forum
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I have included half-Saudis, Saudis and non-Saudis in this matchmaking venture. The message forum is password protected to secure the privacy of participants. Please email me to get the password to enter the forum:

Billahi tawfiq!


Name: Dr. M.S.A. Hameed

Submit a positive article or the link to a positive article related to non-Saudi/Saudi marriages: Dear Mam, I truly appreciate and salute your efforts. I personally went through this experience 23 years ago when I (being a Saudi from a Jeddah family, i.e., mixed blood) wanted to marry a Pakistani girl. I will be very honest with you and your respectful audience that if my dad did not have a big source or connection with higher up people in the government, I would not have gotten the permission. Twenty three years forward, I know a family from mixed blood Saudis who wanted to do nikah [marriage] to a non-Saudi from India. For two years they tried their best and each time it got rejected. Eventually they had to call it off and break the engagement with the Indian boy, leaving two families with broken hearts. The father of the girl developed heart disease because of the worries he bears for his daughter and the other four daughters down the line to be married. I have my own daughter who is 20 years old (masha’Allah she will be in the third year of medical school coming September 2014) and I deeply felt the pain and agony the above family went through. This is where I thought your forum might be helpful. Besides the latest guidelines about marrying Saudi and non-Saudi (which is very important to keep all of us updated) can we create a forum of Saudis of mixed blood like your family and my family and respected Saudi families of mixed blood origin whose children are brought up in the best values of both their paternal and maternal culture. And whose children want to get married with children from a similar back ground (i.e., mixed Saudi background). Or pure Saudis who want their kids to be married to a Saudi from mixed background, because they went abroad to study and found values in mixed background Saudis which they liked very. Something like match-making BUT without any responsibility of this blog. Each parents of mixed Saudis introducing themselves and about their kids and then agreeing to meet each other. Again this blog will not take any responsibility whatsoever if the match making doesn’t work out or information about either families turns out to be wrong. Dear Madam Tara Umm Omar, I would appreciate your and the respectful audience who read this blog, opinion as regard to this suggestion. My sincere regards, Dr. Hameed.


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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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