Nicola Asks About A Back-Dated Marriage Certificate For A Family Card


I’m just as perplexed as you are. I have never heard of this procedure and neither has my husband. The usual procedure if married before the marriage permission is that you must get married again after it has been approved. This was our case. Then the new marriage certificate is authenticated by the U.S. State Department (assuming you’re American), Saudi Embassy and finally Ministry of Interior. Once you have an iqamah, your husband can go to the Ministry of Exterior and put you on the family card. As for how long it takes, the time varies as bureaucratic procedures in Saudi Arabia are rarely done on time or with a specified time limit. I would appreciate it if you can update FHWS on what exactly is a back-dated marriage certificate should your husband ever find out. 


Name: Nicola

Submit a positive article or the link to a positive article related to non-Saudi/Saudi marriages: Dear Tara,

I would very much appreciate your input in this- we recently got with my husband our marriage permission (although we were married before it and we declared it).

I believe they told us that we have to take our permission to the marriage court and make a backdated marriage certificate in order to issue a family card. My husband shall enquire about this, but I am a little perplexed- what is this procedure? Is it necessary and why? How long does it take?



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