A New Muslimah Wants To Marry A Saudi



Wa alaikum as-salam. Please note that getting married without first having the marriage permission approved and showing the marriage certificate to the Saudi government might get your Saudi fined SR100,000. The legal way it is done is to first apply for marriage and after it is approved, you can decide on where you would want to get married and eventually live. The procedure is discussed at length on the Saudi Marriage Permission page and elsewhere on the blog. To make it quicker, you can either search on a particular subject or click on one of the relevant categories located on the sidebar. Finally, if you want my advice on how to proceed then read, Do It Right.


Name: Anonymous

What was the marriage permission process like for you from beginning to end? Enter the details here: Asalamu alaikum, I’m 21 years old with **** nationality and living since 3 years in **** where I met my Saudi fiance (26 years).

He went back to Saudi Arabia because his visa expired. We want to get married this year and finally be together again. I’m a new Muslim alhamdulillah and I pray every day that we can make it work somehow. But we don’t know if it’s better to take our Nikkah abroad and show it to the Saudi Government and hope they will approve.

We don’t mind where we gonna live, but we just want to be married and live together as soon as possible. I would even be willing to move to **** and work there, so that we can see us at least once per month. But I informed myself already in the internet that we both need to have a residence visa.

I read your blog and I though you might could advise us.

If it’s better to make it the legal way and wait for Saudi approval that we nikkah there and then see where we gonna live? Or is it better to go to ****, even though I don’t know nothing much about Islamic weddings there. I even thought about nikkah in **** or ****, but as I said, my fiancee is Saudi, and this makes like a different story out of everything! 😀

I would appreciate an answer so much! Thanks in advance! Best regards, Anonymous


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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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