Hari Reverted To Islam And Is Now Ready To Approach The Father Of A Saudi Divorcee


Wa alaikum as-salam. I do remember you and I am very happy to hear that you are now a Muslim masha’Allah. Insha’Allah it is a good sign for you and your Saudi since her mother approves and the father himself is married to two non-Saudi women.  Put trust in Allah that he will not have any opposition to the union. And if that be the case then your next step would be that your Saudi’s father would go with her to apply for the marriage permission at the emarah. No need to be upset…the journey is just beginning! May Allah rectify your affairs and replace your sadness with happiness ameen.


Assalam alaikkum
Hello tara,

My name is Hari and I have contacted you before, long time back. At present, I am in Riyadh and the girl I love is also here. She is a divorced Saudi girl and she is 21 years old. How should I go further if her baba say yes to our marriage? I heard that if the Saudi girl is divorced one time, the 25 year old marriage permission barrier is not applicable. If her baba is ready for the marriage, what is the next thing I should do? For a divorced girl if she wants to marry a non-Saudi, will it take long time for the permission? Me and her are in a real bad state of mind now. She is going through a very bad phase where she is not eating and depressed. Her father is married to two wives, both ladies are from Syria. Her mother likes me and said ok to our marriage. Please, I really need your help here as you are my last option. I have reverted to Islam and now a Muslim. Please help me, Tara. Insha’Allah I hope to get your reply soon. Kuda hafiz.



Published by

Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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