75 Percent Of Marriages Between Saudi Men And Non-Saudi Women Are Successful

photocreditmelissadavis25% of marriages ending in divorce sounds so…pessimistic. Switch it around and say that 75% of those marriages are successful is a more positive outlook.


25% Marriages Between Saudis, Expatriate Women End In Divorce
Saudi Gazette | Dammam
23 Jun 2014

During 2013, 2,488 Saudi men married expatriate women and 612 or nearly 25 percent of these marriages ended in divorce. The top nationality of these foreign women was Syrian, followed by Moroccan and then Palestinian.

Meanwhile, 1,925 marriages took place between Saudi women and expatriate men and 190 or nearly 10 percent ended in divorce. The top nationality of foreign men married to Saudi women was Yemeni, followed by Syrian and Qatari nationalities, Al-Sharq daily reported on Monday.

The Deputy Head of Sociology and Social Services Department at Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University, Dr. Abdulmajeed Niyazi, said noninterference of families in the lives of the two parties and cultural acceptance on the part of expatriate husbands contributed to the success of marriages between Saudi women and expatriate men.

In order to marry an expatriate man, a Saudi woman must be at least 25 years old. However, if she is related to the man, 21 is the minimum age.

If she is a divorcee, she should attach her divorce certificate, a photocopy of her father’s family card or a copy of her civil registration and a photocopy of her Civil Status card to her application. Also, she must attach a photocopy of a valid residence permit (Iqama) of the man seeking her hand in marriage and a letter showing that he is employed in the Kingdom.

A Saudi man wanting to marry an expatriate woman must fulfill the conditions laid down by the Ministry of Interior and this includes a minimum age of 30. If he is related to the woman, 25 is the minimum age.

Applications by Saudi men who already have a wife are rejected unless the applicant is divorced or his wife has died or she has a disability or disease preventing her from fulfilling her marital obligations.


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