Saudi Men, Please Stop Misleading Non-Muslim Women!

photocreditredefiningthefaceofbeautyA pet peeve of mine is when Saudi men, knowing full well that most non-Muslim women are not familiar with Islamic rulings, take advantage of them. This Saudi is right in one thing…not all Saudis are like him…thank Allah! The Saudi men who are not like him, fear Allah when it comes to honoring and respecting a woman by marrying her or keeping away. Ideally from the beginning, they make their intentions known to a Muslim/Christian/Jewish woman by proposing marriage, meeting her parents and asking for their daughters’ hand in marriage. And for those who consider this to be the old fashioned way, he still should make clear his intentions are for marriage only and go right into applying for the marriage permission without skipping a beat. If this Saudi is willing to wait for you, and by that I’m assuming you mean abstinence until marriage, why is he keeping you a secret from his family? If he can have any person he wishes to marry then ask him if he plans to marry YOU. When will he marry you? When will he introduce you to his family as his future wife? Marriage and children are not a joke. If he wants to marry you, he has a funny way of showing it. I suggest that you call his bluff.


Your name, nickname or anonymous: I’ve decided to withhold this name and the country of origin for privacy reasons but you know who you are 🙂

Type or copy/paste your submission here: I’m dating my Saudi boyfriend and he’s been really sweet to me. I’m a non-Saudi woman who is also studying in ****. I already opened up about ending things because the cultural difference was difficult and I heard about what Saudi men do when they date a foreign woman. He answered me by saying that not all Saudis are the same and he badly wants to give us a shot. We fixed things after that and decided to give it another try. Some say they are only using foreign women for their sexual needs but my boyfriend said he was willing to wait just for me.

I was almost sure that this relationship wasn’t going anywhere and just make this as a youthful experience, but he’s been showing weird signs lately, making me wonder if he’s just in it for fun or not. He told me about his secret dating situation, and also said his family wasn’t conservative, he said he could marry any person he wishes to marry. He hasn’t mentioned any “marriage” plans or whatsoever to me but he jokes around about “our” future kids. I’m just confused if he’s another Saudi who leads you on and leaves you when it’s time for them to go home. I am really confused about this especially now that he told me that he loves me but at the same time said that no matter what happens to us, we stay friends. He doesn’t say I love you often because according to him, it would lose meaning if he overuses it. He’s a very sweet guy, I just don’t know if this is true or not, I don’t wanna get hurt. I don’t know what the current regulation is regarding this matter but please let me know whatever you think, I really appreciate it.

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Photo Credit: Redefining The Face Of Beauty

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

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